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These are all paypal prices -

headshots cost: $2
busts': $4
halfbodies: $6
fullbodies: $8

5 usd for just the sketch 
and if you want to add another character that's an additional 5 usd
Euphoria by lavanderlightsdoodle of a ship of mine 1 by lavanderlightsRurelion ship art by lavanderlightsAnnotation 2020-02-08 203617 by lavanderlights

Sketches with color:
8 usd for the sketch, with colors
and if you want to add another character that's an additional 8 usd
Attilade (ship doodle) by lavanderlightsCrystal city (again) by lavanderlightssketch of my rat son gabe by lavanderlights
15 usd for lines
if you want an additional character its another 15
firefly wolf boy .:OTA:. by lavanderlightsthe ex 'con comolli by lavanderlightsdoodle of a new son to be by lavanderlights

Flat color:
Just the character is  20 usd
add a character is 20 usd 
the ex 'con comolli re-upload by lavanderlightsblu boi by lavanderlightsOTA by lavanderlightsCrash by lavanderlightsMy newest boy by lavanderlightsXomin by lavanderlightsUnicronian set 1 by lavanderlightsart wip! by lavanderlightsGift by lavanderlights
Simple shading:
Just the character is 25  usd 
add a character is 25 usd
The edge is real with this one by lavanderlightsLe-blu|paypal adopt by lavanderlightsHS by lavanderlights
Additional shading:
Just the character is  30 usd
add a character is 30 usd
mech pyroflow? by lavanderlightsLove me right down to my skeleton~ by lavanderlightsoop i- by lavanderlights
Full shading:
just character is 35 
add a character is 35 usd
mr.mnemosurgeon by lavanderlights

Gift by lavanderlightsPyro by lavanderlightstf adopt! by lavanderlightsSweet Boi by XxBluedragonessxXTiredofthisbizbro by lavanderlights messing around with coloring by lavanderlightsBabey by lavanderlights

-The backgrounds cost too! Depending on how complex you want it, will raise the price! However, transparent backgrounds are free.

-If you want the characters in a scene, please do tell me! im flexible! 

Please fill out this form before you buy anything!
What you want in detail:
Background :
Character(s) image(s) link:
additional notes:
what/how much you're paying:
date/time this was sent:
EX: (lets say you bought this)  Crash by lavanderlights busts cost $4 they're flat color, but there's

3 ocs so that'd be $60 in total you'd be paying 64 USD
What you want in detail: characters expressing their individual emotions 
Background: transparent
Character(s) image(s) link: linked ocs here
additional notes: can they be put where one is clearly the leader of the other two,
perhaps in a triangle shape
what/how much you're paying: 64 USD by paypal
date/time this was sent: 00/00/00 at 2:34pm Monday

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Forms of payment:

let me know if you'd like to purchase anything!
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