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Saw this outfit online and had to put my OC Yeva in it *o*. And of course it is in her signature orange color : 3

Yeva belongs to me: Lavahanje 
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Tumblr post version for yo pleasure…
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I am obsessed!! I love her design and this image is so incredible all together!
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Hey, I just discovered a great song that fits this pic! :iconsmile--plz:
moonlitinuyasha1985's avatar
Shake those hips, girl! :boogie:
Springtrapfan23's avatar
Reminds me of Garnet from Steven Universe for some reason
Lavahanje's avatar
I have to ask but, why? 8D
Springtrapfan23's avatar
Well she is flexing her muscles saying she is strong and Garnet does that, and she can dance like Garnet. XD
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grreat rendering, cool design
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That back lighting is sweet. 
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Great design! She looks like she's having fun!
Luminene's avatar
She's so pretty! I love your style Llama Emoji-05 (Flower Sparkles) [V1] 
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Beautiful work on the pose and outfit!~
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The skin and clothing! Am I right for getting an Indian vibe with the clothin? Looks inspired by it
Lavahanje's avatar
ahah well Yeva is indian, well atleast she'd would be in our world, but her entire design is indian based, so its not a bad thing at all the outfit has that feel XD. But I think the feel comes more so from the vibrant color than the outfit it self. the outfit ( meaning the original outfit I found online ) I don't believe is inspired by indian clothes, because traditional indian womens clothing is a sari. It seems to instead be loosely based on belly dancing clothes to me.
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Do you have a link to the outfit, perchance?
Lycan-metal's avatar
Ooooo that makes a lot more sense I was totally getting the Indian vibe from the colors but I see your point its design seems more Arabic in nature with the belly dancing style. All that said isn't creating so fucking fun? XD I love pulling from different cultures glad other people do too
Lavahanje's avatar
Yeah thats the best part about creating X3. Taking cultures and smashing them together
Lycan-metal's avatar
Right??? I do it all the time taking similar cultures or just ones you like and meshing them is just far too cool
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