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Windows Activity Monitor

Windows Activity Monitor - Sneak Preview

Inspired by Rock0's fantastic take on the Task Manager found here: [link] Development is still in the beginning stages but moving forward very quickly. What you see in the preview is live and working.
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You should make the Windows 8 Task Manager for Windows 7 because your amazing at programming!Look at this video to get a preview of it [link] ,skip it to 5:42
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When will the release, I'm really looking forward to?
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Amazing, is it finished?
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Not yet. Haven't had time to work on it lately.
Hey, I also code C# and I was wondering what libraries you used for such a....clean Aero interface. Specifically, the light blue panel displaying infomation about the 'msseces' process, and the performance graph control. Also, the "See also: All processes Services" that a control? Or colored text spaced apart?
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The detail panel is simply that - a panel with labels placed within it. The 'See also' list is a FlowLayout control filled with LinkLabel controls.
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I know is easy for you to write the code. But how to make Notification area flyouts ? is there any sample project you can share please :( ?

Just for my personal use... thanks :)

I like your app like Network Activity Indicator..
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Send me an email to and I'll send you the template I've made to get you started.
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how should i call your name?
btw, thank you.. :)
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Will you consider moving the pivot bar from bottom to top, this can make it a little more Metro-like which matches with the trend that Windows 8 goes to.
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Almost the same as the Windows 8 modern Task Manager UI! Nice work! Keep up the good work!
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Attempting to improve the Task Manager?

The point is (at least for most of the casual pc-users), it's not very important how well designed an activity monitor is or if there's a graph which visualizes the loads of numbers. It doesn't make a big difference to use a graphically tweaked or the standard tool - so why change it? It's about the list of active processes itself. It's too long, too much (cryptic) informations.
Let's look at your screenshot. There are eight entries für chrome. Only the memory usage varies, all other informations are always the same. So, wouldn't it be better to group them, display the number of processes in brackets and grant the option to expand it?
It would also be great to group necessary and optional background processes in individual groups. Or if the activity monitor could detect "problematical" processes (very high CPU usage, ..) on its own and highlight or separate it with an advice what to do with it. Lookup suspect processes (through it's name, folder,..) on online databases and display warnings if needed, .. and so on. Just some quick ideas. Think you get what I mean. ;)

I don't want to criticize you - it's an overall "problem" in every tool I know, whether it is on Windows or OS X. Just want to give you some suggestions you may not thought about until now.

Besides all I wrote, it looks way better than the build in process manager. :)
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You make some very valid points that I completely agree with. These are some of the things I will be addressing. What you see in the preview is a basic framework. A lot of it are placeholders and will be fleshed out more during the development phase. Things like grouping multiple processes together, highlighting high activity processes, etc. I like the suggestion you've made regarding looking up processes online.

I really appreciate the time you took to provide some feedback and I hope to incorporate some of the suggestions you've made during the development of the program.
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I'm pleased to hear that you have already concerned about those points before. Sadly, most don't. Just copy what's already there and polish it.

Think I'll keep track of what you are going to make out of it. Could become a budding tool. ;)
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really nice, waiting for release...

ps which theme are u using?
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I believe it is 7 Clear - the theme just says Clear in the Appearance window. I found it here on DeviantArt but can't seem to find it anymore. You might have better luck finding it.
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could u send it in a note?
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Oh sorry, you meant the visual style...You can download it from here [link]
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yes i mean vs, thanks ;)
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No. It's not ready for public use.
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nice :)
when will be the first release?
and are you working on the device stage window, too, or was this only a concept?
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I'm not sure when the first release will be. Chances are it'll probably be in the couple of months. And yes, I'm working on Device Stage too. I like to have a couple projects going at the same time so I don't get bored. All of my current projects will be released in one form or another by the end of the May. I'm also looking into recreating the email program you mocked up a while back which shouldn't take too long to finish.
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nice thing, am looking forward to it :)
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