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VideoShelf - Version 1.3.1

A few of you might have noticed this in a thread I started earlier. Well now it's available to the public!! It's basically a DVD cataloger in the same vein as Delicious Library. Add in your DVD information, download a cover and voila browse your collection without having to touch your DVD case.

Good news to all!! I've finally fixed most (hopefully) of the bugs and now feel confident to release VideoShelf as 1.0. It is feature-complete for the moment but I will open it up to future request soon. For now though, I would like to concentrate on squashing the rest of the bug that might have slipped through. Anyway on to the features...

Features include:

* Browse your collection in a graphical manner as if your DVDs were on an actual shelf.
* Add DVDs automatically by searching for information and to download cover.
* Drag-and-drop covers to correct or add to the DVD in the collection.
* Sort by category.
* Search by actor.
* Search by director.
* Search by title.
* Export collection to a text file for easy printing.
* Linking of DVD to movies stored on hard drive for automatic playing.
* Loan out DVD and know whether or not they have been returned by marking loaned DVDs.
* Store pending DVDs in a seperate, browseable list.
* Edit information manually.
* And much more...

In the zip file you will find the application, a dll file (this must be registered if you haven't used any of my previous applications), an ini file and an empty folder named "DVD Covers".

VideoShelf.exe - this is the thing that makes it all tick.
AutoItX3.dll - dll. There is no longer any need to register this manually. Simply run the program and it'll automatically register it.
The DVD Cover folder and configuration file will now be created by default in the same folder as the executable file on first run.

Screenshots: Main Screen - [link] , Info Screen - [link] , Add DVD Screen - [link]

Download from DeviantArt and, as always, enjoy!

Many thanks to my dedicated team of beta-testers. Without them, this would still be in beta stage and I'm sure I would have missed a lot.

Bug fixes and release list:

1. Version 1.1 - September 14, 2006

* Sorting bug not being able to switch to next page if only one DVD was left (noticed by Vkeios) fixed.
* Major bug where playing file would not function properly (noticed by Zaft) fixed.

-- NOTICE! With this update you may need to do a little copy and pasting if you have already started a collection. Simply make a backup of old ini file and run the new VideoShelf (ver.1.1) to create the new ini. Exit VideoShelf, open the backup copy of your old ini and copy and paste the old values for DVDCollection, PendingDVDCollection and DVD values into the new ini.

2. Version 1.2 - September 20, 2006

* Fixed possible conflict with some firewalls where in VideoShelf would require permission to access the internet on every run (noticed by Zaft).

-- NOTICE! With this update you will need to extract the zip and drop the old ini file into the folder. Then simply run the new exe (VideoShelf.exe) as normal.

3. Version 1.3 - September 30, 2006

* Fixed quite a few small internal bugs.
* Streamlined the item lookup code (should be a little faster now).
* Redesigned the Add DVD / Search window.
* Redesigned the main UI.
* Included a search bar in the main window.
* Included return to previous collection from searched DVD.
* Included the addition of searching by year.
* Included sorting by rating.
* Included more information when adding a DVD to the collection (Release Date, etc).
* Included link to DVD page at in right-click menu.
* Added tags to DVDs to denote favorites, placement in folder, etc.
* Some more things I can't remember at the moment...

-- NOTICE! With this update, due to many added things, you will have to restart your collection from scratch. I apologize for this, and hope from now on you will not have to repeat this procedure. Unzip and replace all files in old folder with new contents. If you want to save your DVD covers, rename the DVD folder to Backup or what-have-you and begin again. When finished, drag-and-drop the old covers on to the new DVDs to replace missing/wrong covers.

4. Version 1.3.1 - September 30, 2006

* Locked search list pane from moving when dragged.

-- Just drop the new contents into the old folder. Overwrite any copies. You should be good to go. Only a small update to fix that one bug that slipped through.
© 2006 - 2022 laushung
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It doesn't work in vista.
mamanhere's avatar
nice and usable work man ! :D
thx for the beautiful app :)
FurFlux's avatar
i dont understand how can i ad my movie folder (150GB) into the shelf ... its a such nice idea ... but i dont know how to use it ;(
Mmmm. to bad, well I´ll try doing it my self....
So... when can we expect the new relase? Any idea?
I believe this software might become a "must have" if everything works fine...
laushung's avatar
Thanks for the interest. As for when to expect a new release, I'm afraid what you see is what you get. There will no longer be any updates for this program. I've moved on from using DesktopX as a development platform.
Can you share a good res icon for our docks??? PM me pls
laushung's avatar
Sorry, I don't have the original anymore.
deNOIR's avatar
hey there, I really like the idea!
Any news on movieClerk?

I'd really like to try it out ;)
is it a standalone program or it needs desktopx installed?

its not working on my lenovo a736 with 1 GB RAM
it wants to connect to internet everytime....
none of the buttons work only search works...
can't drag the window around...
laushung's avatar
It's a standalone program. That being said, this project has been abandoned and hasn't been updated in quite some time. I am currently working on a new program that offers the same features and should address many of the problems that could not be overcome with VideoShelf.
parry's avatar
Damn i wish i could get this to work on Vista :(
mnhalrj83's avatar
hard work man .but it`s so cooooooooooooooooooooool
serendipityguy's avatar
i crashes in Vista, now I will never get to see this APpy work :nod:
laushung's avatar
It might be because the autoItX.dll isn't registering properly. I can't be one hundred percent sure as I'm not on Vista.

Try registering it manually, however the normal way of registering a dll file on Vista is, and see if that help.
kureb's avatar
Any chance to do it for CDs?
laushung's avatar
Though it wouldn't be too hard, probably not. I've got entirely too many projects already started.
catalin-v's avatar to use it?
On the Play.... "Location on Hard Drive" could you please add other extensions such as mpg, avi, mp4, and so forth.
laushung's avatar
Sorry mate. This project is now on permanent hiatus and is available only for posterity.

There might be a final update some time in the future but at the moment, development has been suspended so that my attention can be centered on the successor program - movieClerk - which will be a full-blown C# application.
MisterCrankyGeek's avatar
Hyakutaro's avatar
This is really awesome, I've been using it for sometime now, but could you please please make it faster? I mean searching etc... is quite slow (I have a good config... so it's not me).

The app would be perfect if you make it run and perform faster :D
laushung's avatar
It's about as fast as it's going to get I'm afraid. There's only so much performance I can squeeze out of VBscript.
Hyakutaro's avatar
Ahhh... can't you try to code it in C++ or something? You should be able to significantly speed things up :)
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