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UserTile Program - Extended

Another preview of my UserTile project. This shows what the extended information dialog will look like.

The framework isn't complete so I'm hardcoding the recent activity but it gives a good idea as to where I'm heading with it.
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I've been waiting this app for long time ago, I would like to know if you are still thinking to release it. i was using the previous version even in windows 8, 'cause i like it.
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same. im using it too. y u still no release it yet? or u stop develop it?
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lloks promesing and smart :) somethig new and fun. good idea and nice work
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sweet, but i noticed on the picture the usertile is overlaying ontop of the date...
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In that image it is but I eventually fixed it and the program available runs beside the time display without any overlap.
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im glad, seems well worked out, should expect it with no bug's. what kind of frameworks do you use if i might ask? for extending it to facebook and twitter.
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laush - "your work is alway's clean, brilliant, and beautifully designed - looking forward to this update extended one day if made available - many thank's for your truly a giftedly intelligent design-developer !!"

ps: "i've been a great admire for some time now - your amazing."
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Aaah The Corner Of the taskbar
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lau - "your work is really brilliant & beautifully designed-developed - really excellent concepts as in all your work - well done friend !!"

ps: "brilliant designer-developers like you are a true credit to windows customization."
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Thank you for the extremely kind words.
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plz add sleep and shutdown options too
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lshung - "look's brilliant !! - looking forward to your release one day - good luck !!"
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Esperando para ver la versión extendida de tu aplicacion... sige asi
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Waiting for it. . .
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I want it! hehe :D
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When are you gonna release this?
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When it is finished.
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well just wait....
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Wow, this is really beyond of what the current UserTile does in Windows 8. I am really impressed with this :D
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Thanks a lot. Development has stalled a little but i hope to get back into it soon. :)
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Hey, really nice! I'll be waiting for updates!
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