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UserTile Program

Recently, I saw Solo-Dev and Stealth2010 take on the new UserTile feature that will be in Windows 8.

This was basically a proof-of-concept in adding controls to the taskbar using C#. As I've never done this, I thought it'd be a great learning exercise.

I like what they have there but it's missing so much. My concept pulls your entire online persona into one place. This will include things like your Facebook and Windows Live Messenger statuses, Twitter, email, all of the things that make you on the net.

Receive updates and keep in touch with everyone without having to open multiple windows.

You only need to set your status once and it'll get pushed to all of your online services.


Where we are at the moment:

- As you can now see, the user tile fits into the taskbar properly! No more overlapping the clock!!

- It's dual screen aware. There isn't any worry having multiple displays. It'll always appear in taskbar.

- It's taskbar-position aware. It doesn't matter where the taskbar is. It'll always display correctly in the corner.

- It automatically grabs the display picture from either the system account or Windows Live Messenger. It can also display the motion display pictures found in the WLM 2010.

There's still a lot more to do. The biggest thing on the todo list is:

- Adding a 'Connected Online Services' framework. Basically pull info from the internet. Planned services will be Facebook, Twitter, Skype, as well as, email and Windows Live Messenger.

I'll be updating this as we progress.

Check out a preview of the Extended Information Dialog showing recent activities here: [link]


*The attached zip file is now a PRE-ALPHA version for those that want to try it.

- The majority of the Connected Online Services are missing - only Windows Live Messenger is available.

- The Setting window is completely unfinished.

- There is a possible memory leak.

- The 'Switch user' feature may or may not work fully.

- You must be running Windows Live Messenger BEFORE you run UserTile. Otherwise you will get an error message.

While this build will not set your computer on fire, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! If you happen to lose your system tray for any reason, just hit Ctrl+Shift+Escape to open the Task Manager. This will reset your system tray.

Please send any bug reports to with "UserTile Support" in the message title. It'll be easier to track these issues.
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