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TrayBin - A recycle bin replacement for Windows. Inspired by a wonderful program by e-sushi called MiniBin.

This program offers all of the benefits of MiniBin and more! Including DRAG AND DROP to the system tray. TrayBin is also fully compatible with all MiniBin themes.

NOTE: .net Framework v4.0 is required for this application to run. If you do not have it installed please download and install it before trying to run this application.

Please send any bug reports to with "TrayBin Support" in the message title. It'll be easier to track these issues.
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settings actually crash making it unusable on the latest windows 10 update 1803
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I really loved this app. Replacing the old ugly icon from my desktop.
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A very elegant solution for people who like having no icons on their desktop! Thanks!
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How did you hook the Windows taskbar to put the recycle bin there? Did yo use C++ or c#?
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Thank you! I have no idea I need this so much.
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Isn't a 25% icon even with 1bit file better to now that there is one in bin?Onion EmoticonHypnosis..Onion
Also plz add option to double click to open bin.
If I put mouse over a transparent part and then move it slightly the mouse hover to select the app is disabled, while no mouse button works either.
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I give up - tried eveything I know and it won't change info in icon.....too bad, I like the number of items  shown on rollover.  
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You need to fill the recycle bin to at least 25% before it'll change the icon. You aren't doing anything wrong and the program is working correctly. Unless, of course, you have added several GBs of trashed files to the recycle bin and the icon hasn't changed...
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Thanks appreciate the response.  And, thanks for the modification of MiniBin.  I iike the number of items being shown when moused over.  
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For some reason the contents of the bin don't show in the icon.....seems to work ok, but always an "empty" bin shows.  
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I made an app like this at tone time, and the creator of an app like this caused me all sorts of hell by screaming that he had the idea first, and that i copied his app and stole his idea. I do not remember if it was the creator of minibin, but just be careful, that argument may pop up at some time.

Anyway, I removed my version (i was tired of the nagging messages) and I am glad to see that you have made this!

Does your version have the ability to count files in the normal Bin, and if more than or equal to a set number, then to auto-clean the whole bin? I had that, but alas, I have lost my source, and I am to lazy to re-code it, due to the fussing as mentioned above. If not, then feel free to use that idea to add in a new feature to your app :D

Downloading the TrayBin now, i am sure that I will find it very useful! Good job!
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Haven't received any messages from the creator of MiniBin so I'm not worried about it. There's plenty of room for more than one program that does similar things. To answer your question, TrayBin does display the total amount of files in the recycle bin and file size of the recycle bin but at this time doesn't offer an auto-clean feature. It won't be hard to add that as an option and if I have time I'll add that in.

Thanks for the suggestion and hope you enjoy using the program.

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I am loving it, great job!
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The app is very simple and useful.... I've tried it ^^
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I've featured your app here ->…

Enjoy, and stay creative ;)
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Oh sorry, wrong link! Here's the link of your featured app ->…
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Thanks for writing a review of TrayBin! I hope your readers enjoy the program!
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You are welcome, mate! As a user of TrayBin, I really love it! A very simple app indeed, this is just what every Windows users MUST HAVE!
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i cannot click "empty recycle bin" button, it always grey, is there new version? i like the drag and drop feature
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sometime show small white box at the left top my monitor when i hover mouse at tray bin, i don't know why
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Nothing lately. I started to add language support a while back but didn't have time to finish it. I might try to find a spare hour or two to finish it at some point. I'll update the page when there's something new to report.
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another question: could u make it installable?
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Trying this on windows 8 RTM, works fine, except for the drag and drop. I can't seem to drag anything to traybin :(. Also, everytime I save settings, it gives me an error.
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