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SlickRead - User choice

Which version would you prefer to see used in SlickRead?

Leave you comment below and enter 1 to use the top theme (Office 2010 look) or 2 to use the bottom theme (Windows 7 look). The one with the most votes will be used in the final version of SlickRead.
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the top one looks the best
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orange button!
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The one with the orange button! That interface is awesome!
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Top with blue! please, tell me for release.
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You can download a copy here: [link]

Sorry, I can't make the top one blue. It's either the top one with orange ala Office 2010 or the bottom one with blue ala Windows Paint or Windows Live Gallery. I can't mix and match the two themes.
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ok, thanks. I downloaded it days ago.
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Top one is the best looking one, you should just replace the hovers and the button with the blue ones from the one on the bottom.
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Orange one.

But maybe a method to implement 3rd party themes or have a choice?
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3rd party themes aren't really possible due to the Ribbon control I'm using but it does include some 30 different themes to choose from. That may be something I can add as a setting when things get closer to the 1.0 release.
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Sounds like a plan.
It's a good idea. Does it only read one format? :?
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No, but the themes come packaged with the control so any 3rd party themes would have to included when I compile.
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Ah damn. Thats a shame. Hey ho. Lookin' good!
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