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Please visit [link] to have a look at what is offered in the Premium version or donate now by following this [link]

This application features:

- The ability to have weather forecasts from around the world (information provided by World Weather Online). With the basic version only one additional location is allowed. Please consider upgrading to the premium version if you wish to have more.

To cycle through the locations, simply click on the square dots at the bottom of the dialog. The first one will always be the local weather.

- Choose to update from every hour up to every six hours.

- Five day, extended forecast.

*This application requires version 4.0 of the .net Framework. Please make sure this is installed before running this application.

Update log: - June 06, 2011

- Fixed issue with images not appearing. Now includes the correct images for weather conditions. - June 06, 2011

- Now using World Weather Online for grabbing weather information. This should hopefully be a more stable API and won't be subject to the changes seen with Google's weather API.

- Added Premium version. A donation of at least 2 dollars will unlock this version. Donations can be at the following link: [link]

Please be sure to enter the email address you'd like the serial code to be sent to when making the donation.

- The basic version now only supports 1 additional location. The premium version will support an unlimited amount of locations and will provide extended details for the current condition.

- Added night images for all weather conditions. - May 31, 2011

- Fixed crash if added location is not valid. There is no notification other than invalid locations will not be added to the list.

- Added 'Auto startup with Windows' feature.

- Due to popular demand, added 'Override default temperature unit'. When enabled, you'll be able to manually choose which unit of measurement (Celsius / Fahrenheit) Forecaster uses. - May 30, 2011

- Fixed possible crash when changing forecast location while Forecaster is updating forecasts.

- Fixed crash while updating forecasts if network connection is lost / not available.

- Fixed possible crash if current condition information is not available.

- Fixed bug where previously removed locations would re-appear after adding a new location.

- Fixed bug where previous additional locations would re-appear when all locations were removed.

- Fixed bug where the degree symbol was shown twice in the system tray's tooltip.

- Changed the Celsius / Fahrenheit abbreviation from "c / f" to "C / F".

- Added 'Select multiple locations' to remove in the setting window.

- Added 'Hit enter to add location' in the "Add location" and "Add local location" dialogs.

*I'm sure there's possibly some more fixes / additions but I can't think of them at the moment.

For those that have previously downloaded version, you should have received the update notification via Forecaster already. - May 29, 2011

This is a very big update and I really hope I've fix as many bugs that were reported as I could without adding any new ones.

- Fixed 'XML error' that occurs with non-English characters. You should now be able to add cities that have accented letters like Nürtingen and Châteaudun for example.

- Fixed 'Text longer than 64 characters' error

- Fixed possible crashing when using basic theme on Windows 7.

- Fixed settings window not saving / using the 'Set update interval' feature.

- Fixed bug when deleting a city in the 'Additional locations' tab.

- Fixed crash when not connected to the internet. It will now let you know if there is an error when updating.

- Added tooltip when the mouse hovers over a page indicator.

- Added balloon notification when weather conditions change. Enable 'Show notifications when conditions change' in the settings window.

- Moved some elements around for more of a Metro look.

- Forecaster will now automatically use Celsius in countries that use metric.*

*Please let me know if this works as I can't necessarily test this thoroughly. - Initial release. Probably has a few bugs but should be working mostly.

Please email any bugs reports to with 'Forecaster - Bug Report' in the subject line.
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