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A sneak preview of a new system tray program which brings a completely redesigned 'Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media' menu.

Windows 7 is a great OS but once you start to look at it a little closer, inconsistencies start to emerge.

The menu is a blatant oversight the developers at Microsoft included in Windows 7. It does not conform to the rest of the system tray dialogs, hangs for a brief second when right-clicked and hasn't been touched since Windows XP.
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Still working on it?
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So where the heck is it most of your apps don't even work with the current .net framework at all all of them error except your network one! I'm guessing you wrote most of these in visual C# b/c in my mind its probably the easiest language to write these type of apps in? Tell me if I'm wrong please? I know I'm not actually lol. So please upload this ones source code if you can so I can fix it if possible? I'be been a programmer for 20 years and I'm quite good I'd just like the source for it and for you to tell me what you wrote it in so its not a problem when I import it into another Studio if you hand over the source send me a PM please if you're willing to give me the source... Oh and I'd also like the source for your profile pic program as well to fix that... Your final has critical errors your first release which was hard to find but I found it works but still has errors in x64 windows 7. As the person below said I'd happily fix in about a half hour give or take!
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please, finish this app. i like it so much. i happily would use it. i havent seen anything like this before.
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When is it going to be done?
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This project should be considered abandoned at this time.
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Still working on it?
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Finished yet? :(
can i ask what application is that lighthouse? :)
are you still working on this?
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try to make task manager in this style it would be cool
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PLZ upload it for us!! It's awesome!
xjannikx's avatar
any progress? :)
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Could you share it with us?
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I'm getting older but this is not coming out
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Any news on this ? I am still waiting
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Wondering the same myself, this is a REALLY great idea.
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Any news man? It could be great on Windows 8! ;)
Marrussa's avatar
Release it, plz!
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This makes me fall in love with Windows 7 again.
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Dude this is a great concept, are you still working on this?
G0B1IN5486's avatar
Ah please release this soon, even if it isn't finsihed!!
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hmm Still waiting :D
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we are all waiting for it dud ! 'GREAT JOB :v
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Great work man! Any news?
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