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Well, as I sometimes post some 3D, I also often browse the "Art / Digital Art / 3-Dimensional art" section... (see :… )

Beside many beautifull things (see my Fav section for some examples), I noticed a _lot_ of guns, armoured vehicles, Mech warrriors, and all kinds of axles and other swords...

Not that I'm against that of course, but I'm just wondering why ?

Got an idea ?

Laurent --> One may find some of my own posts weird, and I'd anderstand that, of course... ;)
Fridgee87 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2006  Professional Filmographer
One way i see it is cuz alot of people who eventually get into 3d are people who are already in love with sci-fi and other stuff like that...
Another reason could be the fact that weapons can sometimes be fairly easy to model (Sometimes...) and are sometimes a noobs first attempt at modeling.
Though i've never modelled a gun, armoured vehicle, a mech... or anything like those... The closest i've come to that was modeling my robo-spider, which was only practice and trying to see how well i could bring an old drawing into 3d...
3dAnimationgroup Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2006   Filmographer
I wish I could tell you why everyone builds the things they do... But I can't......:-( I ask myself that same question sometimes
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March 26, 2006