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Wing tutorial: Fairy wings

By Laurentea
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This is my first ever tutorial and I hope it gets the point across.

I personally found fabric wings far to hard to make and mine always ended up saggy so I found some stuff I had lying around and experimented. Lo and behold it worked. I hope it helps people and if there are any other questions feel free to ask!

In the end the wings are lightweight, plasticy and have a veiny effect

Also it's giant so be prepared!! Turns out I enjoy making tutorials so if you have any requests please let me know!
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very helpfull!
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This was a great tutorial!! It was done well!!

Is there ANYONE out there who knows how to create angel wings for necklaces and earrings (you get the size) with Polymer?
I'm ready to just cry... cant find anything but finished product and I wouldn't dare ask for directions...

Any help is very much appreciated!
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can i just sew this to my clothes or is there an other thing i have to do?
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How can I attach these to a dress?  
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how many layers of tissue paper should i use?
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If I remember correctly I used 4 and my wings to this day are still in tact after being folded up and packed away multiple times. If you let it dry in between coats you can get a pretty good idea how thick it will be,it also depends how thick you put on the acrylic medium.
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This may be the best method for me to make my Queen Chrysalis wings (from My Little Pony). Can I spray paint these after I am done with the initial construction and how can I reinforce them?
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Spray paint should be fine. I bend and fold mine up completely to pack them away and I've never run in to any paint issues. Spray paint may chip over time but I don't see you running in to any issues with it.
Reinforce how? I'm not familiar with the character so I did a quick google and based on what I saw if you follow what I did it shouldn't need anything extra to keep it's shape or anything like that just remember to check the wire before you buy it, some are softer than others and a softer wire could lead to them collapsing.
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oh and!
How solid are they? I want to make wings for my little niece (she is going to cosplay as Sparx vom Spyro) ... :"3
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hey there!
you're wings look awesome!
It's really nice of you that you've posteted this tutorial x3

I have a question~
what is this 'latex gloss medium' ... I have liquid latex at home ... does ist also work with that? o.Ô

and what tissiu paper dis you use?
your sheet seems kind of big to me ö.ö"
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The wings are incredibly sturdy. I store mine folded up in a box and when I need them I can just unfold them and they are good to go. The tissue paper was just the regular gift wrapping kind from the dollar store. 
I would probably avoid liquid latex, I mean you could use it you would just need to dust it with baby powder after you are done or else it will stick to everything. One downside is when liquid latex is built up in layers it has an unflattering yellow colour. Latex gloss medium I picked up at an art supply store, other than that I don't know much about it. I bought it hoping it would work and it did. It's almost like liquid latex just colourless, no amonia smell and not as tacky[sticky] in the end. Liquid Latex is something you could try experimenting with just on a smaller scale. I've have a friend use my same idea but with white glue so it's really up to you and if you are pleased with the look and feel of your final result.
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okay thank you.
your answer was rellay helpful.
since I'm from germany I have to search for the items I guess, but I'll try!
Cause they looked pretty awesome to me x3
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hi love ur tutorial!! :) im having the same problem with how to put on the wings, since its a little bigger i don't want any straps showing, I can't figure out how you did it being held on by a strapless bra? without it being obvious at the back?? me thank you so much! :)
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For larger wings you may want to rig them to a corset or some form of under support system. I actually just ended up using two pieces of cardboard about 6 inches long and sandwiched them over the wires at the base. Glued them like crazy and the extra length of the cardboard and wire helped them to use my back as support and hold up with just a bra. So if you did the same idea but with a corset it would cause the 'support piece' [cardboard or whatever you use and wire base of the wings] to form against your body and to give it something solid so if they try to fall forward they will be flat against your back and have nowhere to go but where you want it.

I hope that helps you!
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awwww thank u so much for replying!!! it means a lot and it will help me with my wings!thank u2x :) 
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I just did this with a different shape. it's amazing! thanks for the tutorial. I gave a link to it on my customs FB page :) credit where credit is due
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Well thank you! I'm glad you were able to use it!
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I love this tutorial!!! I have 2 requests, if you still take them:
Kitty ears
Demonic wings(bat wings)
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Wow, this is a very helpful tutorial. I look for one like this :D
Just one question: How do you attach those wings to a cosplay? Like a bag pack?
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You can do that. I personally didn't want any straps showing so I used a re-enforced piece of cardboard that I could slide under my bra band. That way it stood up and my back helped keep it straight and upright.
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Wow, thanks for the hint! It's a great idea! I'm going to make it like that :D
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What if you want the wings to be smooth? Can you skip the step of crumpling the tissue paper and just lay it flat? I was actually going to make blades protruding from the arms using this tutorial, but they are covered in armor and they need to be smooth. Also, what kind of paint did you use? I keep acrylic around but I feel like it would be too heavy.
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You would have to be really really careful and possibly use a thicker material since tissue paper is going to crease and bump really easily. I've always used acrylic but either iridescents or diluted a bit with water to get rid of heaviness
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Lovely Tutorial~ Very helpful. ::::D

Where did you get the liquitex stuff? And a8out how much is it?
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