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Published: June 24, 2018
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I drew a quick mermaid in a batch of drawing practice sheets I did last year, and after realizing that I'd never really attempted a more detailed/serious Mermaid before, (or a Hippocampus ever) decided I should do a better one :D  
I've been sorta focusing on Fantasy as a genre, and realized how I was never really a big mermaid fan; I always felt like they were too girly, and kinda cheesy and stupid honestly lol, but maybe that's not always such a bad thing? :] -Flowy hair, shiny scales, and flying through an underwater world? I can dig :D -I actually had so much fun with this that sometimes I kinda didn't want to finish! This is the lightest and most colorful thing I've done in a while, and it felt super engaging and peaceful to do, with elements of so many things I like. On the path toward having more fun with art, this one was certainly a winner for me. :]
I actually originally started this project in April of 2017, and worked on it for a solid 3 months, but I did so much erasing and redrawing that it damaged the illustration board beyond workability TT_TT It was too busy, and a bit too large-scale, but instead of calling it a failure, I decided to attempt it again this year for the "Mer-May" event that I kept noticing left and right for the first time last year, eerily at the same time that I was working on the first version. -I was late this year despite my best efforts :'/ but hey, I didn't originally choose this theme for "Mer-May" anyhow - though I'm glad it motivated me to try again!
I tried several new things here, and they panned out pretty well I feel - though I had the hardest time with the mermaids face!! I had to keep covering it up with acrylic and starting over. -It's actually noticeable if you're looking at it in person unfortunately, but in direct white light, any shadows/3-dimensionality disappears. -At one point I even thought about just leaving her face whited out like it was extremely bright how lazy lol but I realized that if it's a smooth enough coat of acrylic, one can draw lightly over top with markers and clean up/blend out with a tiny brush and (the worlds smallest amount of) water lol - life saver, and creates a really neat look too I think! :]
I'm now hooked on the newer method I'm trying to consistently switch over to, of drawing digitally > printing > transferring > coloring traditionally, and realized that to keep a printer working well, one really should keep it plugged in so it can do it's cleaning cycles. -Maybe it does waste ink/a minor amount of electricity that way flushing the tubes, buuut the alternative is a spotty, streaky printer that doesn't work when you need it :/ -Explains a lot lol. I thought I had wasted all the ink doing a bunch of manual cleaning cycles and print tests trying to get it to work after keeping it unplugged for a while, but after I plugged it in and left it alone for a while, that fixed it! :D This is only my 3rd successful time using this new method, but initially when I was working on the first version of this, I thought my printer was broken and went back to the same traditional graphite paper transference method I've done for years; very quickly I remembered why I'd gravitated toward that newer method lol. Even though I've been doing traditional drawing and transference for many years, now that I've experienced the ease and specificity of drawing digitally first, I think there might be no going back! X'D It's a funny thing to try and find that balance between traditional and digital methods, but I think they both have their pros and cons and can be used to compliment one another.

I was watching an awesome show on National Geographic called "One Strange Rock" -I've only seen 4 episodes or so, but I had my mind blown in the first episode alone when they did a bit on Diatoms - which I'd never even heard of before, (sounds like a Pokemon lol) but apparently they are a microscopic form of algae that can be found in water and soil, and they collectively produce around 20% of the Earths Oxygen! They are absolutely gorgeous single-celled structures that look like glass beads from another world! :'O - that's what those shapes are that make up the crescent in the picture. -Feel free to check 'em out! :D…

Enjoy ^^
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I just wanted to say, I am in love with this. Thank you for the inspiration :sun:

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noun: hippocampusthe elongated ridges on the floor of each lateral ventricle of the brain, thought to be the center of emotion, memory, and the autonomic nervous system. *Originlate16th century (denoting a sea horse): via Latin from Greek hippokampos, from hippos ‘horse’ + kampos ‘sea monster’.
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...Hippocamp is also Neptune's smallest moon, the discovery of which was published today!
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LaurenNatvigGray General Artist
Haha - yep! -that too! :D
-neat about Neptunes "new" moon! -Thanks for sharing!