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Raven's Wings by laurenlilly757 Raven's Wings :iconlaurenlilly757:laurenlilly757 3 2
Darkness Behind (Sept 19th 2018)
Dark streets illuminated sporadically with lights
The orange glow reflecting the cars
It's a cool September night
8 o'clock striking the electric clock in the car
It's windows rolled
Drivers seat reclined as she looks thru the sun roof
The stars sparkle her teary eyes
Cars rushing the street down the hill nearby
She's alone with the familiar feel.
Not enough music can drown her knotted stomach.
It's another night of life.
What's with all this strife?
Walking to nowhere
It always ends the same
The tacky mobile home park darkened for the night.
The corner house quiet and still
Nothing stirred and nothing sounded
It's a quiet neighborhood.
Now crickets heard nearby
Clicking and chirping in the shrowd of darkness
Brushes and trees stirred gently with the slight wind.
It's peaceful and yet surrounded by noise
Shouting and screaming
The memories still crawling everywhere
Who knows where they hide
And yet memories lurk inside the car
Necklace and rose
Ring and jacket
She needs to let go and y
:iconlaurenlilly757:laurenlilly757 1 0
BirthDay18 by laurenlilly757 BirthDay18 :iconlaurenlilly757:laurenlilly757 3 0
Mature content
Funny Is What Fate Seals (Sept 7th 2018) :iconlaurenlilly757:laurenlilly757 0 0
Ode to Black Mamba the Mouse (Aug 22nd 2018)
I know you're gone now but I can't help to look up.
Hoping to see your face beaming up to me.
I can't help but sob quietly.
Wishing to hold you in my arms again.
I know you were strong until the end...
I'm sorry that this wasn't something I could mend
I loved you as I best I could
I cared for you and fed you as I should
I hope I helped you as anyone would
I have to tell myself you're in a better place now.
That pets like you deserve a heaven
I only hope that I was the best mom until then
:iconlaurenlilly757:laurenlilly757 0 0
Who Am I? (Mar 21st 2018)
I don't know who I am anymore
I see my reflection in the mirror
Yet, the reflection isn't any clearer
I see whats on the outside
Nothing has changed. Nothing to hide.
But, whats on the inside has changed
I see my eyes blank and dead inside
Who is this woman that now hides?
Am I even alive...?
My soul aches in pain
Why is it in so much refrain?
How can it be this is me?
Who is this inside of me?
I think even the blind could see
I'm not me...
I'm someone else entirely
Yet, I can't let it actually be
Where is my sanity?
Who is this now that I see?
What and who am I meant to be?
:iconlaurenlilly757:laurenlilly757 1 0
How Could I Forget (May 22nd 2018)
May 22nd 2018
How could I forget the way a small tuff of his hair always grew to a wave like the ocean
And how his soft brown eyes would engulf and drown me
Where all I wanted to do was rise and fall in his tide of emotions...
Whisper in his ear how much I love him.
So how could I forget his skin softer than satin
And how his hair grew coarse like thorns in a rose budding mansion.
Where I still wanted to lay with him and be touched by those thorns...
If only to feel the soft petals of his skin in my arms again.
How could I forget the way his lips curled so slightly to a smile when my eyes met his in the morning?
And how it felt to feel his breath met my skin if only to brush a light kiss on my forehead.
Where the touch of his lips could somehow burn my love deeper into my skin.
Affirming my unwithering, undying love for him.
How could I forget how his touch could bring calm to my emotional storm.
How his words were melodic like sirens in a thunderstorm.
Where even as the light rain tur
:iconlaurenlilly757:laurenlilly757 0 0
Lost in You (July 11th 2018)
I keep checking and looking
Not stopping the thoughts from flowing
They run rampant in my mind
Searching for the person I can't find
But how can I be me
You're running in my mind on repeat
Every pause I take leaves you creeping
Why can't I stop my daydreaming?
I need to stop and I need to contain
My mind playing and playing and playing again...
Running in circles, who am I to explain?
Thoughts of you cloud my mind in shame
But I keep thinking and thinking and thinking...
Mind ever sinking.
Where's the end to the sadness?
What's the solution to my madness?
All I can think is what we could be
I want you to see
You're safe in my arms with me
But I fall deeper into my misery
Where I wish you whisper you love me
You cuddle up next to me
God... Why can't I just leave you be
Why can't I just leave you to rest like you want it to be?
:iconlaurenlilly757:laurenlilly757 0 0
757 by laurenlilly757 757 :iconlaurenlilly757:laurenlilly757 0 0
Mature content
Love Is... (March 23rd 2018) :iconlaurenlilly757:laurenlilly757 0 0
Mature content
All I Wanted Was You :iconlaurenlilly757:laurenlilly757 0 0
Corrupted Lust
We were lovers long lost.
Bound by the stars crossed
Where we lived and we loved.
Lust without love
But we were lovers caught in the fire
Fueled by the eyes of each other
Our sparks joining together
In a blaze, we lost sight of our lover
And now we're somewhere far away
Our blaze long past in those days.
Where when our eyes meet, it's just a gaze
The flames dead, nothing ablaze.
We now hurry and we rush
Attempting to build the fires of lust
But you spew corruption
And leave me dead in your destruction
I feel so full of confusion
My love is nothing but a bundle of lust
My emotions simply turned to dust
This lust is corrupted by your touch.
You blame me for your lustful corruption
Tell me I'm the one with assumptions
But you're the reason for the destruction
The death of this love and it's dysfunction
And now that I see your lies have consumed you
Deceit is becoming of the new you
I'm nothing but second class
Dead with no grasp of us
So now I see our love is just corrupted lust
As you ch
:iconlaurenlilly757:laurenlilly757 0 0
Image9165 by laurenlilly757 Image9165 :iconlaurenlilly757:laurenlilly757 2 2 Image9173 by laurenlilly757
Mature content
Image9173 :iconlaurenlilly757:laurenlilly757 8 8
Image9155 by laurenlilly757
Mature content
Image9155 :iconlaurenlilly757:laurenlilly757 3 1
Alone With You Tonight (Aug 11th 2017)
I don't sleep much these days
As the hours drag through the night
My sight laid on the fan
The slight breeze on my skin
I get up to walk, slip on my shoes
And leave the house feeling the blues
Maybe the air will refresh my lungs
Breathe life in my world with no sun
I look up at the sky
It's a half moon until the sun rises soon
The breeze in my hair has nothing to compare
Yet my stomach is in knots thinking of all these thoughts
I breathe a deep sigh as the tears try to leave my eyes
Wishing for you to leave my mind
Thinking this can't be goodbye
My feet walking forward as I just want to cry
I keep telling myself to put one foot ahead of the other
To just forget your words that made me shudder
Yet they just remind me to stay away for my sanity
Till you aplogize for the profanity
But each step I take feels like a mistake
My heart drawn to you as I just wish to text you
But I wait... and I wait... and I'll wait some more
Till you wish to reset this tape once more
:iconlaurenlilly757:laurenlilly757 0 0


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
:bulletred: Known Languages: English, Spanish, and ASL (American Sign Language)
:bulletorange: Favorite color (value): Black
:bulletyellow: Favorite activity(ies): Skateboarding, Drawing, Writing poetry, Going on adventures everywhere in SoCal
:bulletgreen: Favorite music genre(s): Rock, Metal, Alternative
:bulletblue: Favorite Band(s): Red, Three Days Grace, Avenged Sevenfold, Five Finger Death Punch,
:bulletpurple: Ethnicity: Irish. Actual Age: 22

My fav songs that also relate a lot to me:
Pain by: Three Days Grace
Of These Chain by: Red
Antidote by: Faith Marie

Below are some stamps that give a good background to who I am as well as what I like:
It's MY gallery stamp by dazza1008 Meaningful comments stamp by dazza1008 I support writing English by FragileReveries I Like Watching Clouds by PhysicalMagic :thumb375603832: Brain Image by fear-the-brilliance Feedback Appreciator by Abblecrumble Umbrella Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Interrupt by Fyi-Sus Stamp- Depression by Dametora Ninja Kitten by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me I Love The Rain by Wearwolfaa :thumb265993339: {Masochist} by Mesperyian Useless knowledge by paramoreSUCKS Bender-Bite my shiny metal ass by SekerAsar request22 by paramoreSUCKS Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle

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About my art:
I enjoy drawing, writing short stories and poetry, and photography. I create a wide range of different types of drawings but tend to focus on the hands and figures part. My poetry is based on personal emotions and actions but do not acurrately depict everything. My photography is usually of scenery but I don't submit my photographs on here anymore.
:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
About me:
I'm a fulltime college student following a double major in American Sign Language and what the f*ck else (AKA: I haven't really made up my mind). Currently taking random classes since I've now finished my degree in American Sign Language. Art is my passion though. All the art I do is for fun and something I do on the side when I'm not going to school or working.

More Random Facts About Me:
:bulletblack: If I have don't want to watch anything on Netflix, my go-to is Futurama (everytime)
:bulletblack: I'm both gender and sexually fluid
:bulletblack: I pose as a model on occation but my expertise is behind a camera.
:bulletblack: I love to ride around on my skateboard at night and drive around in my Toyota Rav4
:bulletblack: While I love the outdoors, I also love playing video games.
:bulletblack: I love art and if I'm not outdoors or playing a game I'm constantly doodling in class
:bulletblack: I love intellectual conversation so talk to me about the universe or give me some random knowledge

If you want to get to know me outside of my artwork or bio section I just wrote you are welcome to send me a note, or leave a comment in the comment area below, or perhaps you want to reach me via some type of phone app, well, you can find me on Instagram at: free_for_eternity. Have a wonderful day.
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Enjoy this quick poem I wrote:
As I lay here on this cold, stone, floor I think of all the thoughts from the night before and before I could force my mind to forget the horrors my eyes traveled down to see more of the scars that haunt my nightmares. These lines reminding me of what I did, I know that someday I won't stop when I begin again. So as I reach out, arm toward the sun, I whisper "Save me from this life that you begun".



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Hey everyone,
My god, its been ages since I've been online or updated my journal last one was November 2014

Here's some updates to what I've been up to lately:
:bulletred: I've been in college for a year and a half now and just started the Spring 2016 semester last week
:bulletorange: I'm close to getting my certificate in American Sign Language That means I can work with the Deaf part-time or tutor someone! :squee:
:bulletyellow: After I get my certificate I'll be heading towards a degree in both American Sign Language and Radiology Tech at Cal State Northridge
:bulletgreen: I go hiking a lot now and have been doing quite a bit of modeling
:bulletblue: I got a new laptop and printer yesterday and currently using it it's awesome cause it can flip backwards into tablet mode
:bulletpurple: My babe (car) has upgrades I've been doing such as new bluetooth, audio speakers, as well as bumper stickers and I love it to death! more so than I did before

I'm trying to stay active on here but no promises. Hope to talk and see many of my fellow deviants soon!


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