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One of our most frequently requested features is to do more with optimizing one's browsing experience, blocking deviants one would rather not interact with, and better catching the types of content that go against DeviantArt policy.

We have been working on five new systems to streamline your DeviantArt experience that will be rolling out to all deviants over the coming days. If you don't see the changes described below, you will very soon.

I just don't want to see this

You may have seen this change already. If you find a deviation that doesn't necessarily go against DeviantArt policy but still isn't quite your style, you will find the option to select "I just don't want to see this" upon hitting the Report button. This will not send a report to our Moderation Desk, but will rather hide that deviation from wherever you might come across it on DeviantArt, including galleries and browse pages! The owner of the deviation will not be notified that you did this. From there, you can optionally choose to Block this Deviant, which will keep you from viewing any deviations submitted by that deviant, or you can just stick with the one.

Increased Blocking Capabilities

Blocking on DeviantArt is nothing new. It was a way to keep your profile and deviations free from those you'd prefer not to interact with them. While we never informed the party of the block, they would potentially notice it if they ever tried to interact with the deviations on your page or your profile tools such as notes and comments. Our goal here was to super-charge our block system. Now when you block a deviant, not only will you not have to see any of their deviations in the course of your normal browsing, they will also not be able to access your profile or your deviations.

Notifications About Reports

Occasionally, when someone forgets to tag a deviation as Mature Content or uploads a deviation against our policy, it can be a simple misunderstanding. We're now making it easier for people to rectify the situation on their own while educating deviants about DeviantArt policies. After a deviation is reported, the deviation owner may receive an anonymous notification asking if it is Mature Content (or whatever it was reported as).

This will give the owner a chance to address and possibly remedy the situation. If the owner chooses not to take action and it's not reported again, when staff come across the report, they may agree that no deletion or tag is necessary, marking the report invalid. If the number of reports rises, however, it will rise in the queue, and staff will more quickly take the appropriate action, whether that's adding a tag, deleting, or marking the report as invalid.

Note: Even though a notification is sent to the Deviation Owner, every report still goes to our staff for final approval. This feature is simply a chance for a deviant to fix what might be an honest mistake!

Auto-Tagging Mature Content

We're testing out a new system that will automatically tag a deviation as Mature Content once it reaches a number of reports. We believe this system will help ensure that more content is properly tagged — and faster too.

Please note that incorrect / inappropriate Reporting behavior -- such as deliberately filing incorrect reports or spamming the desk with invalid reports for whatever reason -- will result in a ban from reporting content and accessing the Moderation Desk as a whole.

However, what if those who have reported it are incorrect?

Disputes / Challenge This

For every action taken -- either by a staff member or community-auto-tagging -- the deviation owner has the ability to "Dispute." This means, if enough people report a deviation to auto-tag it as Mature, the Owner can dispute this claim. DeviantArt staff will then take a close look into what was reported and make a final decision, sometimes reversing that action.

Same with a deleted deviation -- if a deviation is deleted by Staff, the owner will get a Notification, and if the owner believes it is allowed on DeviantArt and our staff made a mistake, they can dispute the claim, explaining why, and the staff will give it a second consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I simply report a user? Or can I report an entire gallery?
Only individual deviations can be reported, but our Moderators have tools to notice patterns. If several deviations by the same deviant are reported and valid, our Moderators will decide if a suspension from DeviantArt is necessary.

I tried to visit someone's profile and found out they blocked me! Before this update, I had no idea I was blocked.
We didn't -- and still don't -- notify a user when they are blocked by someone else. Prior to this update, if DeviantA blocked DeviantB and then DeviantB tried to access DeviantA's profile, while they could still see the profile and deviation pages, they were unable to interact with them, could not favourite each other's deviations, could not comment on deviations or the profile, and neither could +Watch the other. So, there has always been a way to "discover" that you are blocked by a person; this update simply makes this discovery more apparent.

As this FAQ outlines, deviants have the option to block any other deviant, or hide a comment from any deviant, for any reason at any time.

Someone has blocked me. Now that I can't see their deviations, how will I know if they are abusing me?
Our goal for this feature is to enhance the browsing experience of DeviantArt, reduce friction from undesirable interactions, and to quell the impulse to "check in" on other deviants who either have decided to block you, or whom you have blocked. However, DeviantArt is a public site. If you log-out or go incognito -- or a friend provides you with a URL to a piece of content that is hidden from you -- you can still file a report by visiting any deviation's URL, using the report button as usual.

Someone has blocked me, and I am a Group admin. I need to be able to see their deviation in order to decide if it belongs in my Group!
As mentioned above and in our FAQs, any member of DeviantArt can block any other member for any reason. In this case, the blocked Group admin has a couple options.
  • They can tap another admin in the Group to see the deviation and make a ruling on its submission in the Group.
  • They can open the deviation in an Incognito window to view it, then make the decision in the notification.
  • They can take no action. If a person choses to block an account that, in doing so, denies a deviation they own from being submitted to a Group, that person can always opt to unblock the admin at any time.

How many deviations can I hide?
Every deviant can hide up to 2,000 deviations. If you've reached this limit and wish to un-hide deviations (to make "room" for hiding more), you can visit your Correspondence page and show them again, as long as a report was filed. However, if you simply selected "I just don't want to see this," unfortunately, there is no record on our end of which deviations you have chosen to hide.

Why was this feature implemented?
Blocking another deviant means you don't want them in your DeviantArt experience, and you don't want to be in their DeviantArt experience. We've made these changes to bring our blocking features closer to this idea. As the web has evolved, this method of blocking has become the standard and expectation on the web. More importantly, however, deviants have been asking for improved blocking functionality for many years and we wanted to deliver something that would improve their experience.

We hope these changes lead to a more secure, more kindred community. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to leave a comment, and we'll try to bring clarity to this robust new system.

One of our most frequently requested features is to do something more about optimizing one's browsing experience, blocking deviants one would rather not interact with, and better catching the types of content that go against DeviantArt policy.

We have been working on five new systems to streamline your DeviantArt experience that will be rolling out to all deviants over the coming days.
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Ambre-or-Gilles Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
I recive 2 correspondences items to decide if action of my part would be appropriate...
I don’t think I’m contravening the regulations of DA, but can you say me what to do...
I've read (translate) all the policies, and I don't find the solution (sorry I'm french :) (Smile) ).
Thank you for your help
newsammywhiskers Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2019
Should you report something if its a stolen image but it has been credited even though the original owner didnt give permission?

grizelda vored true and battlebe  ( colored by Kayleeduboisvore2000
 I reported this because while she credited the original owner, the owner didnt give permission and wasn't expecting her to recolour it, I don't want to get banned because the admins might get the wrong idea
thedrizzle404 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Deviantart. Funny name. Like Pornhub if they banned porn. Does the staff even know the definition of deviant?

Rename your site.
6ony-6ones Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2018  Student Digital Artist
deviant also means different not necessarily in the wrong context definition of "deviant". There is always more than one meanin
thedrizzle404 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I would use it in the adjective form as in this context it's describing the art. It's deviant art. "Departing from usual or accepted standards, especially in social or sexual behavior." In what way is this place achieving that?
PilloTheStar Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2018  Professional General Artist
I had a picture of Cream The Rabbit. Wasn't explicit, there were no bits on her, not sexual, completely pg. It got taken down.

I didn't realize that the same stuff that earns looney tunes and disney an emmy would earn me a strike.

My point is, the admins of this site are fluffy skinless peaches.
Sarnathid-Prime-Pony Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

i could really use some help and iam not sure where to turn, my art keeps getting taken down even though ive done everything the DA policy states i need to do and its still sending me correspondence messages saying to edit it but thats it, iam added mature tags changed the title and even censored the picture iam really lost on what to do and i really dont want to be suspended for 2 weeks again for no reason when i never did anything worng this is really upsetting me 
Username-91 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
Somebody reported two illustrations of mine by requesting from me to add a mature tag. I checked those two stamps, and I don't see a reason why it's necessary to add a mature tag. You need to rework on your broken reporting system. I received three more notifications from a hysterical deviant where he requests from me to censor them:
(…) These are not reportable. I cannot believe an Administration gave these privileges to third-party users to abuse them. It already caused more damage than benefits.  WARNING DA IS RANDOMLY BANNING AND FLAGGING PEOPLEToday I had an image removed that was heavily censored criticism of DeviantArt allowing porn onto the website.
All it showed was the characters heads (No seriously it was just only their face and hair and the DA report ticket).
I was upset because the original image had not been removed but my image was censored, but I was kind of ok with this because I thought "oh hey I guess they are cracking down on porn and I reposted it technically even if censored."
But after looking into after someone told me their friend got banned for this even though they posted only one image of nude art. (Art that is allowed on the site that only requires a basic mature tag even under their policy)
I found a horrifying discovery that it turns out other people all across Deviantart are being flagged and banned for art that has NO sexual content at all!
What is even worse is that the banned users did not get banned after three strikes but randomly!
Some even had an account banned after
Sarnathid-Prime-Pony Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This would explain whats happening to me i got suspended for 2 weeks for uploading a new picture that meets all policy requierments
PinkNekogeek Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2018  Professional General Artist
I reported someone who made a slanderous journal about me a few days go... how long does it take mods to review the report??
ShadowPoni Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2018   General Artist
I didn't see this listed; but if I click on "Add Mature Content Tag" by mistake (in this case, almost dropped my mouse and it happened while catching it); why am I locked out from ever removing said tag? That seems a little extreme.
extraterrestrialarts Featured By Owner Edited Sep 24, 2018  Professional General Artist
I got something like this, onl;y saw it today... there is no green add mature tag/challenge this button, just an empty grey space where the whatever button should be. I myself is uncertain what to do about it.
WhiteBlade-the-Zero Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2018
Every time I upload something here, I always get a notification asking if what I've uploaded has MC, even if they clearly don't.  There is definitely someone or some group that's abusing this system unfairly.
RichardtheDarkBoy29 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is there an option where trolls can not flag spam art?
ShadowCrafterz136 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I never got a dispute button, few of my deviations were locked on mature content filter without me getting notified... they're not even showing any characteristics shown in FAQ# 220
ladyOpheliaplz Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
well since I can't seem to ask anyone direct, I've twice got notices on wrestling images where characters are in full costume marked as mature. the first time i had no mature tag on it and the second i have a mature tag on it and someone or someones' are saying I should mark the deviation as "strict." there is no gore, there is no sex or really implied sex aside from the costumes being revealing. so is wrestling now supposed to be marked "strict" or is this just a bunch of conservative pricks trying to hound my deviations?
SoraWithWings Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
some one reported one of my pictures as MC for two people in normal fully-covered not-tight not-sexual clothing who were standing in front of each other normally without touching each other. some people are just ridiculous.
ladyOpheliaplz Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
yeah. people have become so oversensitive these days it has become ludicrous. I can't wait until we're past this time of over sensitivity and safe spaces.
Jeanette9a Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2018  Professional General Artist
this part;" Auto-Tagging Mature Content
We're testing out a new system that will automatically tag a deviation as Mature Content once it reaches a number of reports. We believe this system will help ensure that more content is properly tagged — and faster too."

It had backfired and now the trolls are using it to harass people.
this image used to have more people but got stuck down by trolls reporting it as mature;
Swimsuit Edition Reupload by bleedman

I feel it's a sad day when the creator have to literally censor out every female character since they were wearing appropriate beach wear.  
LeFrenchFox Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

This was a very poor development decision!
Making automatic the "warning of deletion" purely and only based on the fact that X number of people report or X number of reports has been made on an artwork, is an absolutely stupid decision.

Of course trolls and haters will (and are!) abusing this.

I got more than 50 of my artworks, in less than a hour, massively reported and got the same number of warning of all these 50 artworks.

All of these artworks were already heavily censored by myself, as I'm very very used to this kind of thing, after many years of activity in DeviantArt.

All of them were on the reason of "underraged sexualization".
And it shows it was an obvious illegitimate attack on my person (and not really the content),
when it even hit my artworks on my OC (Original character), which is an adult, and visibly look like an adult.

An adult OC, described and designed by its own creator has an adult,
had been strike by a warning and then a remove for "underraged sexualization".

An adult OC ---> underraged sexualization.

Isn't it obvious how stupid these automatically made report are going ?...

This is insane.

If it was only the warning, it would just be a bit of annoyance.
But the fact moderators are taking the bait and going on the side of this troll false-report and just remove artwork without checking if the policies were really violated or not,
(and I got several case and proof of artwork removal never breaking policies),
is what is really getting people on their nerves.

This is really unprofessional and direspectful.

Jeanette9a Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2018  Professional General Artist
one must wonder who thought this would be a great idea though?

because they clearly missed their class netiquette classes or never had them.
(it's a thing we do over here, we call it; nettvett)

it's literally a crash course of what to expect and what to do on the net.
It takes up things as cyberbullying and other dangers associated with browsing the interwebs, like meeting not people from kid chatrooms IRL alone cuz you never know who is behind the texts e.t.c. 
But also touch the positives on how to use the net and how the system works and to cross-reference (you can't just use Wikipedia, and there is an online lexicon that you can use that is a credible source) information if you need something for a paper or something. But mainly what to expect when it comes to the net for the young ones. 

LeFrenchFox Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

I'm personally thinking is turning more and more into an unwelcoming place.
And it's clearly not because of creators who submit mature content, despite what people may complains. 
We do our jobs, we put the mature flag, and we don't go into far extreme, into sexual explicit content. Unless we don't respect that, and then, yes, moderation can remind you, in all their right, you did something wrong and take propers action.

But that's not what DeviantArt is doing.

What DeviantArt is doing, is simply washing their database of mature content creators by agreeing with trolls and mature-content haters who abuse the report system to false report everything they just don't like, using fallacy to make moderators doubt and ultimately makes mature-content creator having their Art deleted for wrong reasons.

And it's just infuriating when you see how clearly lazy the staff members behind moderation clearly don't give a shit about the report being legit or not.

Moderators of DeviantArt play into the hands of mature-content haters and troll by striking artist and creators under false accusation.

No artist should have a mature-content artwork featuring an adult Original Creator of their own being accused and removed for "underraged sexualization", it doesn't make sense.

It doesn't make any goddamn sense.

It's exactly like DeviantArt would remove a Disney artwork of Jessica Rabbit, posted by Disney themselves, where she is features, as she's designed, with very large breasts,
and DeviantArt would go face to face to Disney and says 

DeviantArt : "Hey, it's underraged sexualization."
Disney : "Uh, no... it's not, that's our character, Jessica Rabbit, she's an adult..."
DeviantArt : "No she's not. It's underraged sexualization."
Disney : "Wtf ? Yes she is, that's our character, we designed her as an adult, what's what we decide she was, and so she is."
DeviantArt : "No, it's not. It's underraged sexualization, because we decide it is."
Disney : "That's OUR character! Are you gonna say you know more what is our character more than ourselves ?"
Deviantart : "Lol, yeah, totally... Duuuuuuuurrrr... Oh by the way, we removed your artwork of Jessica Rabbit, because "underraged sexualization"..."

^ DeviantArt logic at its finest... 
People might think I'm exaggerating, but i'm not. They're really removing adult OC of creators for "underraged sexualization" policy violation...

They are mad... 
The DeviantArt moderation staff are mad ... or incompetent... Don't know which, but neither is something reassuring for any of us users...

I like you know, "Jeanette", by the way. Very cute. :)
Jeanette9a Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2018  Professional General Artist
at this point, we could make it a game or a meme...
I wonder if they would get their attention?
(a guy with cancer literally got saved by a meme spreading the word, so who knows what happen?)

The DeviantArt moderation staff are...

fill in the blank. with a word / Image/ sound clip / video.

and thanks. -^,^-

The DeviantArt moderation staff are...  like the song is about songs, just with artwork;

ThePsychoDog Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not sure if you're still replying to these but: Is it normal to still be seeing art from someone I blocked in groups and in my inbox within the stacks of said groups?
TechSupportCyber Featured By Owner May 30, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
a picture of mine got reported for being mature (but it wasn't mature) and I clicked the "add a mature tag" when I got the optional notification because I thought i'd get in trouble otherwise. now I see that I was allowed to ignore it, but now my picture has a lock on it and it says "tagged as mature by deviantart" is there a way to remove this? there was absolutely nothing mature about the artwork.
ShadowPoni Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2018   General Artist
Same thing happened to me, only I clicked by mistake while trying to catch my mouse I bumped off the table... -_-

It's totally ridiculous that we're locked out from changing it back. Aside from maybe resubmitting the submission, which I could probably do...
TechSupportCyber Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh, that's a good idea! I could probably resubmit it!
SoraWithWings Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
exact same thing happened to me!!
Garinas Featured By Owner May 19, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
about the block feature some people abuse of this tool blocking people who never talked with them, i find this really ridiculous because people think they're antisocial or something else, i saw many stamps about this, i made a rant here
some important rant :/henlò everyone, today i'm gonna to make some serious rant about people who block users without interaction or something else,
i'm gonna to say mine

okay this sound stupid but, what is abuse of the system?
is a term known as the potential use of a function that brings benefits to a user,
such as advertising, spam, blocking, etc. without limits and it can become a problem

now I talk to you guys about the use of the blocking tool.
the block tool was created to prevent the person from being interacted with the unwanted user,
many people think that this function solves the problems or make them strong,
not always block a person is a solution,
because often people get blocked without they have interacted or had conflicts,
others for reasons of not wanting to have contact with an artist NSFW. right or wrong?
no answer, it is often fair to block those who act against a person aggressive behavior or type
i'm gonna to rant some bawlockabuser and say mine!
Don't Block by KittyJewelpet78REQUEST: Really? by World-Hero21Block Responsibly by HarmonicSonicBlock Stamp by mymunchies
i go to ranting about this abuse of the system

i hope that everyone read this before to block someone also one of your seniors blocked me without interact with them, i'm not gonna to call out them here
SoraWithWings Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
people are allowed to block whoever they want to block for any reason. if someone blocks you, they don't like you and don't want to talk to you and it's none of your business why. leave them alone. nobody HAS to continue associating with anyone or "allow them to apologize" or continue the conversation so it escalates into a fight. it is ALWAYS the better option to just walk away, not stand there and keep talking to someone who is annoying you. it's dumb to concern yourself with someone who wants to avoid you, there's a million people on dA, go talk to people who want to respond to you instead of complaining about the ones who don't.
Garinas Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
there's milions of trolls in this site, and the block feature is not infinite
there's a limit of 500 nicknames possible to block…
SoraWithWings Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
that is irrelevant. people are allowed to block people if they want to block them. 500 is a LOT of people to permanently choose not to interact with. if someone "abuses the block command" by just blocking everyone they see, then they will hit the limit and have to consider more wisely who they block afterward and that will put an end to their blocking-for-fun spree and the problem takes care of itself. if you do over time collect 500 legitimate people you hate, you can go back and remove the names of the ones you don't even remember who are long gone by now and make room for more.

if someone says something that annoys you and then blocks you so you can't reply, so what? who cares? move on with your day like they did. they're over it and you should be, too. if it was an offensive statement or harassment, them blocking you will not stop you from reporting them, which is what you should do in that situation instead of trying to take care of it yourself by telling them off.

if someone blocks you and you use another account to contact them anyway, they can report you because that's harassment. they are trying to bait you into getting yourself in trouble and it's stupid to waste your time indulging them. just ignore them. there will always be negative people around in your life that you can't just tell off. if you have a job and your boss is an idiot, you can't just yell at him. you'll be fired. there are times in life that you can't talk back to someone and the internet is no exception to that. if someone has blocked you, they have ENDED the conversation. they are not abusing you or harassing you, they have walked away, they are gone. it's fine to be annoyed but there's nothing you can do about it because the other person chose to end the conflict.

likewise, if someone blocks you and you can't reply, then comes again and blocks you, then comes again and blocks you, etc, that is trolling. you can report them for trolling. since you blocked their account and they used another account to contract you anyway, you can report them again and that takes the harassment to a second level. if this isn't what the person is doing, and they just simply got annoyed at you and left, then stop trying to deliberately create conflicts out of nothing or YOU will be the one reported for harassment.

trolls want attention. if you give them attention, they keep coming back for their fix, that's what they want. if they know it annoys you, they'll keep doing it. if you completely ignore them and their efforts are just a waste of their own time because you're not having any funny reactions, they will get bored and go away. bullies in school are exactly the same. nobody likes to be ignored, that's why they're doing it to YOU to annoy you! ignore them right back.  the best option is 1) block the person ( if it was truly abusive, report them ), and then 2) hide the comment so nobody else can see it because trolls are proud of their offensive comments and hoping that if you dont get annoyed maybe your friends will see it and come stand up for you and it'll all turn into drama, which is fun. block/report/ignore makes it all a waste of time and they will leave you alone.

actual real trolling is not that common. I've been here since 6/6/06 and never been legitimately trolled. i've met people who were annoyed with me or offended by something i drew/said or had misunderstandings or whatever, but not every single person who disagrees with you or every single person who gets on your nerves is an actual troll. you can draw trolls to yourself by attracting them the same way you attract bullies, by making yourself an easy target, and the way to do this is whine over stupid things that aren't against site rules and overreact and get upset easily so that you're fun to tease, and "spreading the word" to everyone about it makes them famous and feels like a reward to them, and if you make it look like "this is really common, it happens a lot" it gives people the idea of "hey everyone else is doing that, lol i'm gonna do it!"
Garinas Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
i thinks you didn't read my journals :B because i cleary wrote all the meaning 
i've talked with my friends about that and shared this conversation, i thinks blocking non abusive people is just a way to waste the space, so please read before to post the comments
SoraWithWings Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i thinks you didn't read the other comment where i already read your journal.

you're free to think whatever you want about it but that doesn't make it abusive and doesn't make it against any site rules or anything dA should take any action about. they already did take an action, which is to only block 500 people and then you have to start taking blocking more seriously, and that is the person's own personal decision. if they want to waste their blocking space they are free to do so.

you're allowed to have the opinion of "blocking people for no reason is dumb" but other people are likewise allowed to have the opinion that blocking people for any reason whatsoever is completely fine.
Blue-Cat00 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 21, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
How do we report users for "Prohibited Commentary" now, Miss. LaurenKitsune?
roaringwoman Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2018
In theory, this is great, but I've encountered things that pretty clearly break the rules, are not under a mature tag, and yet all of the options for reporting are greyed out.  Apparently it had already "been reviewed," and yet it's still there, and still breaks the rules.  On top of being unable to report a violation, I had to click on a thumbnail and see a bigger version of it to try, when the last thing I wanted to do was see it up close. Then all I could do was block the content so I personally won't see it again.

I thought multiple people were supposed to be able to send reports, and they could still report after it had been reviewed if the piece in question remained up?  There aren't enough mods to check every piece of art that comes in--DA is just too huge.  But I worry about the future of DA if things that flout the rules are allowed to remain--and since I browse "What's Hot," I can say I've seen several that break the rules and have been up for weeks.  In the last couple of days I decided to try to report them and/or block them... most I can't report because of the "grey out" issue.  Already it's so bad I wouldn't dare look at DA on a work break, even if I go on a blocking spree.  People will type NSFW in big bold letters in a description, but they won't bother adding a mature tag to their work.  Others flat out break rules (rules that are readily available before and after one signs up for DA) and seemingly get away with it, never to be challenged again.

One of the kindest things you guys could do is give people a means to report a work straight from the thumbnail.  If we could do that, no one would have to click on and view something offensive in full size--if it bothered them they could block it, and if it broke rules they could report it, without having to look at it if they didn't want to.
VixenDra Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
could you send me the link of it? I'm preparing a list of porn DA staff refused to delete despite violating the site's rules.
FanArtArtist1993 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I wish I could challenge reports on Wattpad. incorrect reporting should not get you banned. It's not right to have that rule.
MarySue1964 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2018
I have the opposite problem from a situation described above.  I have been blocked by the admin of a group I was a member of.  Now I no longer see her profile but I still get the group notifications.  The group page no longer lists me as a member and the group no longer shows up on my profile as a group I am a member of.   I read somewhere else that now you can block people from comments.  And I that’s what happened.  She was upset about a comment I posted about a journal she wrote and she blocked me from the comment.
NatsumeWolf Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2017
You state that incorrect reporting will result in a ban, yet when I brought this to the help desks attention of someone falsely flagging my work no one responded to me then my ticket was marked as solved. I had ask them to inform me of the user who falsely reported my image that fell under the guidelines of you own rules and then I was linked to here in a email that said " Please review the following entry, as it fully address your concerns:" From damphyr
My original concern was that I wanted to make sure my account would not get any checks/marks against it for this false flag. On other sites your account can be held or even banned for these false flags. So I just wanted to be sure that this would not be the case with mine since the image that was reported fell under your own guidelines that I even linked to on the said image.
I had also requested the user name of the person who falsely flagged my image. Now, according to your rules here you state that that behavior can lead to a ban. Yet when it happend to me and I brought this to the staffs attention no one did anything about it. I understand if the user name who falsely reported my image can't be shown to me, but I also said if that was the case for the staff to block them from my account so they would not be permitted to falsely report my images again.
ToxicaDoll Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2018
Yep this has happened  to many artists that draw mature work or not even that. They just went on a rampage of falsely flagging users they didn't agree with. Nothing was done to the offender though.

From what I saw it seems they don't even look at the drawing or photo and just automatically  agree with the report now. 
Username-91 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
That is not the only problem; I reported to the Administration several illustrations describing violence and brutality, asking them to put a mature filter. The administration did nothing! According to their logic, a picture of barely erected male genitals can get your account suspended, but a digital illustration of a dog that exploded inside and shows chest and vital organs is fine. :sostupid: The Administration here is a joke. Of course, they'll allow obscenity and other foul material here. If it gives them a sexual desire, they'll give it the A-Okay to stay on this site. I've reported plenty of deviations to have them censored, but of course, the staff came back with "we didn't see any reason to put a mature tag on this" so I gave up with that.
CaseyJewels Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2017  Student Writer
I wish reporting a deviation/hiding it didn't then refresh your page, as that refresh pulls me out of the notification center and I have to get back into it to, and then I still have to delete said deviation out of my notification center.
kittyelfie Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2017
What stops a group of friends from each making a dozen accounts and going in a crusade to drive whatever subject matter or art style they don’t like off of DeviantA?
AlbineFox Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nothing, just like in reddit with people's comments being hidden by the downvote counter and in where there is a group that does exactly what you described.
kittyelfie Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2018
I’d been told about groups like that on deviant art.  Many artists have been driven off the site, their accounts reported by dozens of bot accounts 
Space-between-spaces Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I think this is great idea.
LadyTroodon Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
What if someone steals a Deviation and sets it so only logged in users can see it? The only way to view stolen art with this setting would be with an alternate account, but this counts as block evasion. 
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Eclipse Change Log: January 30, 2019In this week's change log, we have a small handful of bug fixes and improvements as we continue with the larger features that are in development. Stay tuned for more, and keep the bug reports and feature requests coming!Change LogThe "add to favorites" panel on deviation pages now allows you to select multiple collections. (Popular request, suggested by @kage-niji, @sa6044, @tanyasimpson, and many others)Bios are now editable!Literature thumbnails now include four lines of preview text. (Suggested by @wynbird, @battlefairies, and many others)On the Daily Deviations page, literature now includes preview text. Various other smaller bug fixes and stability improvementsThe new "add to favorites" panel lets you easily add a deviation to many Collections. (Artwork: hidden view by @umbatman)Literature thumbs — including on the Daily Deviations page — now include preview text.Using the New Bio EditorTry the new Eclipse bio editor! When adding a bio to your Eclipse profile, we'll start you off with your bio from the old site. Please keep in mind that some elements, such as thumbnails, were not able to be transitioned to the new editor, however you can still add them to your bio. We recommend trying the new image and gallery features to share your favorite artwork in your bio.Also note that due to migration issues, bios of deviants who are not on Eclipse are static, meaning if they update them on the old site, the changes will not be reflected on Eclipse until that deviant switches to Eclipse and edits their bio using the new editor. Keep Sharing Your Feedback!Submit a bug or feature requestSubmit your overall feedback about DeviantArt Eclipse

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Eclipse Change Log: November 28, 2018

Thank you for your continued feedback and bug reports on DeviantArt Eclipse!

Our team has been working on customization and personalization options and we have brainstorming sessions planned where we’ll be further discussing how you’ll be able to customize and personalize your profile in Eclipse. We’ve been gathering and sorting your feedback, including the top ways you use Custom Box, and we’ll be reviewing it in these brainstorm sessions. We will have more to share soon!

In the meantime, we’re still working on other customization features already in the design stages, including editing your bio and custom cropping of your profile header art. We’ve seen some creative ways people are featuring single deviations on their profile (for example, see @ellysiumn and @katy-l-wood’s profiles), and we’re working on the ability to more-easily feature a single deviation on your profile.

Here’s this week’s change log!

Change Log

Header art quality on profiles has improved. If your header art is blurry, ensure that the original deviation is available as high resolution under “Display Options.” (Thanks, @queen-kitty, @titusweiss, @kaleidechse, @battlefairies, @yuukon, and several others who brought this up!)Fixed issues where typing in a URL in a Journals, comment, or Status Update would display the URL twice.Removed minimum character limit from Status Updates, allowing you to post a Status Update that just includes a deviation, gallery, video, or emoticon.You can now open and close Commissions from the individual Commission page.A “back to top” button added to galleries and browse pages.Badge pages are back!After posting a comment, the browser now scrolls to your comment.The toggle for Mature Content now reads “Show Mature Content” instead of “Mature Content” to prevent confusion. (Thanks for the tip, @rotane and @uszatyarbuz!)Fixed issue where tooltips would not display when hovering over the Add Deviation/Gallery/Video/Emoticon buttons on Comments, Journals, or Status Updates.Fixed issue where the “Send Note” button on profiles would open a new note with no recipient. (Thanks for spotting, @nominee84 and @mrs-durden!)Fixed issue where literature Daily Deviations displayed title twice. (Good catch, @3wyl!)The header image for Commissions is now centered.Updated the design of the “I’m open for commissions” button to make it look more prominent and clickable.Fixed issue where bolded text in comments would appear as a different color but not bold.After clearing out your notifications, the “no notifications here right now” message would be misaligned. (Thanks, @starlighthawk, @ikazon, and @sweetchimera!)Various other smaller bug fixes and changes.

Keep Sharing Your Feedback!

Submit a bug or feature request Submit your overall feedback about DeviantArt Eclipse

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Eclipse Change Log: April 3, 2019In this week’s change log, we've reduced thumbnail sizes as well as addressed a number of bug fixes and improvements. Stay tuned for more, and keep the bug reports and feature requests coming!Thumbnail Sizes Have Been Reduced!A top community concern was that thumbnails were too big across the site. Based on your feedback, we’ve reduced thumbnails 75% of their original size. We’re also working on improvements to Feedback — an area where many deviants feel that everything is too big — and exploring how we can reduce the layout here as well.Change LogFixed issue where the feedback dropdown would appear really tall.Added anchor links on Profile, so that clicking "Show All" on the Watchers and Groups section would bring you to the proper section on the About page. Fixed issue where, after removing comments from your profile, you would not be able to add them back. Fixed issue where “edit” button no longer appeared on your comments.Fixed issue where last decimal place of price was cut off ($12.34 would show $12.3) until you clicked through to see the full price.Performance improvements to browse, search, and gallery pages.In addition to these updates and bug fixes are smaller improvements we’ve made as we continue to develop larger features in Eclipse. Keep Sharing Your Feedback!Follow these steps to share your feedback:Switch to DeviantArt EclipseClick your avatarSelect “Give Your Feedback” to access our official formHaven’t received access to Eclipse yet? Join our waitlist today! Eclipse is steadily rolling out to deviants, so we’d love for you to start exploring the next phase of DeviantArt!
Eclipse Change Log: May 8, 2019In this week’s change log, we've brought two features from the classic site to Eclipse: Gallery search and comment edit history. We’ve also implemented a number of bug fixes and smaller improvements. Stay tuned for more, and keep the bug reports and feature requests coming!Gallery Search is Now in Eclipse!One of the most requested features has been re-implemented in Eclipse! We’re excited to announce that you can now search Galleries to easily locate the deviations you want to see!We are still working on search in Favorites and will have more updates soon.Comment Edit History is Now in Eclipse!Another popular request – you can now view a complete log of your edit comment history. Change LogBy popular demand, Instagram has been added to the list of social media links to display on your profile.You can now right click (or middle click) on deviation stacks, polls, and status updates to open them in a new tab or copy the link.The “New Deviant” label that shows on comments from new deviants now appears next to their username in comments.Fixed issues where an error would appear when you edit a gallery widget and only switch the order.Fixed issue where text in Notes would wrap to the next line in the middle of a word rather than wrapping between words.When adding images to a comment, journal, or status update, a newly uploaded image would not appear unless you left and returned to the screen.Spotlight sections on profiles would display “Deviation is Unavailable” if the deviation is mature content and the viewer has mature content hiddenKeep Sharing Your Feedback!In addition to these updates and bug fixes are smaller improvements we’ve made as we continue to develop larger features in Eclipse. Follow these steps to share your feedback:Switch to DeviantArt EclipseHover over your avatarSelect “Give Your Feedback” to access our official formHaven’t received access to Eclipse yet? Join our waitlist today! Eclipse is steadily rolling out to deviants, so we’d love for you to start exploring the next phase of DeviantArt!
Thank You for Your Feedback on Eclipse!

Last week, we announced the Beta launch of DeviantArt Eclipse — a completely redesigned version of DeviantArt that puts more emphasis on artists and their art. As a Beta release, Eclipse is still under development and only available to a small portion of the DeviantArt community. We use the Beta release to gather feedback that allows us to closely analyze deviant engagement and sentiment.

Over 4,000 deviants have already tried Eclipse and many have shared their invaluable and much-appreciated feedback. We’ve received nearly 1,700 individual Eclipse feedback reports — including 407 bug reports, 532 feature requests, and 748 pieces of general commentary. Our team has read through and triaged over 60% of these reports and has a goal of completing all of them in the coming week. Thank you to every deviant who has taken the time to share feedback. Whether you’re someone who provided a few words or several paragraphs of candid response, we appreciate the passion you have for helping us ensure Eclipse will meet the needs of our diverse community.

This Is Just the Beginning of Eclipse

As with most Beta releases, we launched Eclipse knowing there were bugs and highlighted a handful of the most obvious in our release journal. We wanted to release sooner than later so we can begin this journey together – gathering feedback and insights and applying it into our development, fixes, and improvements. Plus, as Beta Testers, this is what you signed up for! We need your deviant-expertise to help identify bugs everything from baby bugs to elusive, exotic bugs.

Based on feedback, it’s clear there are certain areas of Eclipse that are leaps and bounds ahead of the “green site.” It’s also clear there are some things that need to be improved. We expected this and continue to welcome your feedback — the good and the bad. We’re in this together and want to hear from deviants every step of the way.

We're Exploring More Ways To Customize Your Profile

Eclipse provides new ways to personalize your Profile, including the ability to select Header Art for your page, linking to your social media platforms, and stating your commission status. However, with the removal of Custom Box, we heard, loud and clear, that deviants want more options to display content.We’re also in the process of exploring other ways you can customize your Profile.We’ll be sharing tips and varied examples of ways you can really customize Profiles. In the meantime, here’s one example of how @katy-l-wood is testing Eclipse’s current abilities to enhance her Profile.
Many deviants asked for the ability to showcase a single deviation on your profile. This is something we are already working on. We’d also like to clarify that, for the foreseeable future, Custom Boxes within Groups will remain as they are. Groups will eventually be redesigned with Eclipse in mind, but that process won’t be complete for many months. We’ll provide advance notice about any removal of Custom Boxes in Groups.

Addressing Your Other Top Concerns

The new Feedback allows easy viewability of your most recent and unread notifications; however, we’ve seen concerns about Feedback needing improvement as a whole. For example, deviants report it’s cumbersome to remove notifications and it’s hard to remove notifications in bulk. We’ll be making the “remove” button more accessible so that you can one-click remove (or one-click save) just as you could on the “green site.” We’re still reviewing the experience of mass removing feedback and hope to have updates soon.We are currently working on issues regarding Header Art and avatars – specifically, their size and quality. Icon codes and plz accounts will be coming soon to Eclipse. :iconlaplz:The new text editor makes it easy to write Literature, with the option to add formatting and illustrations to your work. That said, the Literature experience in Eclipse is still a work in progress. As we mentioned in the Beta journal, using Literature and journal thumbnails is not yet finished. Literature thumbnails in the sidebar (under “More Like This”) are also not yet finished.Improving the display of Literature thumbnails is something our Product and UX teams are already actively working on improving.Having a “Show More” link on deviation descriptions and comments allows for a cleaner viewing experience; however, based on feedback, we've removed "Show More" from deviation descriptions and comments.While search in Gallery, Favourites, and Journals didn’t make it into the Beta version of Eclipse, it’s our aim to bring this functionality to Eclipse.Several deviants brought up that the ability to include thumbs by pasting a URL (or thumb code) is not currently possible. We mentioned this in the original announcement, but we want to reiterate this is not working as intended and will be implemented in the future.

Of course, this isn’t a complete list. It represents our first step at addressing some of your top concerns and we’ll be sharing more responses and updates — including bug fixes — in the weeks ahead.

Keep it Coming!

In the release process, things are constantly evolving as we gain insights and implement updates. Please keep in mind these updates can take time to get used to. As you continue to explore Eclipse, share your thoughts and concerns through the Eclipse overall feedback or bug report/feature request forms. While we encourage general discussion in the journal comments, using the official form allows us to triage and act on feedback in a quicker, more manageable way.

We also want to give a shout-out to the amazing deviants who’ve produced really thorough Eclipse reviews:

Re: Eclipse by @rotane Eclipse by @katy-l-wood Review of Eclipse + Suggestions @nominee84 @senshistock’s video and documentEclipse Glimpse and Thoughts by @lexidus @taitrochelle’s videoMy Deviation Submission Journey in Eclipse PLUS by @ilantiis My Thoughts on the New Watch/Feedback System by @iingo Eclipse: WhatIsRight, WhatIsNot, HowToFixIt @ashclad-shade

Again, thank you to everyone! With your feedback, we’ve filed numerous bugs and our developers are working on them continually.

Eclipse Change Log: April 11, 2019In this week’s change log, we've added custom titles for custom sections, added five spotlights for all deviants and addressed a number of bug fixes and improvements. Stay tuned for more, and keep the bug reports and feature requests coming!Custom Titles for Your Custom SectionsYou can now add a custom title for your Custom Section!

Known issue: Upon backspacing the last character of your title, it replaces the field with “Custom”. If you experience this issue, a workaround is to simply highlight the text and type your desired text.More Spotlights!All deviants can now add up to five spotlight sections on their profile!Change LogNew keyboard shortcuts: You can now use CTRL/CMD+Enter or TAB+Enter when writing a comment to immediately submit it.Fixed issue where comment field in Feedback would be too small on journals, status updates, and polls, causing some elements to overlap. Galleries with zero deviations in them did not show when editing your galleries.Fixed issue where save button would not work after editing your bio.Fixed issues where Commissions on the shop tab on profiles would overlap and not be sized correctly.When editing a section on your profile, the dropdown that allows you to select collections and galleries was capped at 26Fixed issue where some mentions in comments did not appear to be linksImplemented and improved more error pages (in addition to our 404 and 503 error pages)Donation Pools are now hidden to viewers until a goal and title have been added.In addition to these updates and bug fixes are smaller improvements we’ve made as we continue to develop larger features in Eclipse. Follow these steps to share your feedback:Switch to DeviantArt EclipseClick your avatarSelect “Give Your Feedback” to access our official formHaven’t received access to Eclipse yet? Join our waitlist today! Eclipse is steadily rolling out to deviants, so we’d love for you to start exploring the next phase of DeviantArt!


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