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In my previous journal, I discussed the various styles of found poetry. These styles, known as “treatments” refer to how much of the original text has been altered for use in the poem. I described each treatment in detail and posted several links to sites discussing found poetry. In addition, I linked five of my own found poems. These poems can be seen here.


The War of…

The Midnight Series………

In my fourth and final discussion of found poetry, I will be discussing an issue that many people have inquired about. This is the issue of copyrights. Being that found poetry is comprised completely of lines from other texts, it is very important that you state what works or articles you actually used. Citing your work becomes especially important if you are seeking publication. In this journal, I will discuss when citations should be used. I will also post a link to a site discussing copyrights in relation to found poetry. :nod:

When writing found poetry, knowing when to cite can present some interesting questions. While it is easy to make a case for untreated poetry, which uses a great deal of a source’s original wording, the fragmentation of treated poems can make us question the extent to which words can be “owned.”

By changing the structure of a line, doesn’t it effectively become ours? :hmm:

While the poet certainly gives the lines new life by restructuring them, we must remember that the poem is designed completely from a source text and without the original author’s use of certain words or lines, our poem would not exist. In short, stating your source does not detract from your own artistic merit. :heart:

In my opinion, it is just as important to cite treated poetry as it is untreated. Doing so can prevent unnecessary legal hassles and in fact can give readers a greater appreciation for your artistry by allowing them to view the source of your finished work. In her short essay on found poetry, Linda Austin states that “according to copyright law, you are able to create new works from existing works.” What separates plagiarism from an authentic found poem is the accreditation of your source. :nod:

While Austin states that the source should be listed in the title, I think it is better (on DA anyway) to list the source in the comment space. For me, this is mainly because I do not wish to clutter the title with technical details. :no:

Before you begin your poem, gather and make a list of each resource you will be using. While we often think we will simply remember each one, it is easy to forget when taking fragments of different texts. This will also lessen the detail work later. :juggle:

In a found poem, while you cannot add words to a line, you may delete words or even change the tense of a word you are using. I personally prefer not to change the tense; it makes the piece more challenging to construct. :strong:

So there it is! Remember that citing your work can give you a little more freedom in displaying your found poem. While you don’t need to become a lawyer, understanding a little about copyrights in relation to collage art can save you a lot of grief. :nod:

This journal concludes my series on the poetic concept of Found Poetry. I am planning to take a month long break from posting educational journals. While I will still update my journals, it will mainly be about personal stuff…school, work, martial arts, love, etc. :heart:

I want to take time to reach a deeper level of personal understanding as a haijin and a writer in general. I will be studying a good deal, both privately, and with my partner :iconjade-pandora: :heart:. I am also preparing for my blackbelt test in martial arts. So yeah, I’ll be busy! :D

I will be focusing a great deal on Senryu over this next month…no journals, as I have posted a few on this subject. I will just be writing and experimenting with concepts. :nod:

As always, thanks for reading. Please note me with questions, comments, or rants. :peace:

P.S. - here are a few links to a couple of sites discussing found poetry, collage art, and copyrights. :below:……

P.S.S- I am proud and overjoyed to announce that :iconjade-pandora: has received a DD!!!! This DD is for her tanka set entitled Eclipse…

Jade has displayed great skill and proficiency with tanka...I could not be more proud. congratulations SG!! :heart:
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I love the illustrations in these journals! :heart:
Thanks for all the information. Now to work!