The War of Evolution

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Torcoroma Holy Sanctuary
At the core
Virgin Mary sits
in a tree root.

Her curving beak
gives the illusion
of an enigmatic smile.

So now the big question is,
"Are the dead to return"?
So many researchers
are divided over
Neanderthals and God

Were it not for hot spots
in the top layer of
the ocean's surface,
most of us
would be swimming.
This is an example of what is called a "found" poem. I put this together using sentences and fragments from three specific magazine articles. They all came from National Geographic. One was about a new bird species that was discovered, the others were about earthquakes, and the discovery of a woolly mammoth skeleton. I used the articles to build a cohesive poem. None of these are my own words :-) Just my thought process in organizing and imagination. This was written for my workshop class.
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I did something like this with spam emails once, but it turned out nowhere near as beautiful.

Exquisite. ♥