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July 29, 2008
If you think there is no poetry in non-fiction, try reading some of *Laurence55's "found" poetry, in which he creates magic out of magazine articles. Skin Deep is an excellent example.
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Should we pity the poor young pelican?
Red in the face
a balding sequence of ambivalent metaphors

This is a strange fragility.
A comic evanescence
of stocking feet
all laughter and wonder

You hear this alot
no gleaming cup
for the non-technical among us

How come?

It’s all narrative really.
A false swan wedged between
multi-millionaire pretty boys.

I’m having second thoughts…

They have declared war
on sexual ardor.
It is a very simple game.
Such violence is tribal

With so much ugliness,
when will you ever get a chance
to do something personal?

We’re not going to the moon now.
I am a child again,
the roots of plain function

Gather me into the sunlit gyre of pelicans.
This is an example of a "found" poem. To write this poem, I took sentences, fragments, and individual words from a June 2006 National Geographic magazine. The resulting collage became my poem. It is fun because you have to fit seemingly disparate sentences into something cohesive. As a result, the nonsensical begins to take on a variety of meanings.

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that's honestly one of the most beautiful and mentally stimulating pieces i've ever read. i've fallen in love with found poetry, thank you :)