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I remember my first geisha sighting…
Falling from the night, her robes were
splashed with ochre, and periwinkles.

Pink chrysanthemums
in jet black hair.
A fleeting, imperfect,
accidental beauty.

I am giddy.
We start with a gentle hello
then comes the dance
low slung in her hips
moving her arms in a studied grace

It is hard not to pay attention
to the small stuff
the secret gardens
rain is in the air

We’re not a literal people,
but I lose myself.
We write in
ritualistic cadence
and she becomes
the dark, naked grapevines
of early spring.

Every morning
I open my eyes.
It is a Zen notion
A reflection

Here is a place where the dragon can rest.
Most people know me for my short form poetry like Haiku, and Tanka. However, I do occasionally write in the longer styles. This is an example of a "found" poem. To write this poem, I took sentences, fragments, and individual words from 3 National Geographic magazines. The resulting collage became my poem. It is fun because you have to fit seemingly disparate sentences into something cohesive. As a result, the nonsensical begins to take on a variety of meanings. None of these are my own words, just my organization of various lines. It is pretty fun, you guys should try it :D There is another in my gallery. [link]

By the way...this is a love poem...:blushes:

Enjoy :D

*corrected a slight typo
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I love the ending, and the lines 'it is a Zen notion/a reflection' - so seamlessly done it doesn't feel like found poetry. I love it. (: