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“In the shade of this fiery tree, there is peace for your wantings”

The sky this evening is awash in gold.
Décor of desire
against her chamber floor.

She came to me,
on that silent Sunday.
My newly wed one
All shadow and eros
Too sweaty for saris.

She Adorns me…
First talk, then touch
the tinkle of her laughter
transformed into rain

I am a modest man.
I spoke of intricacy,
sang of sex
but I knew nothing of feverish love

I do now

The sensuality of submission;
the ties that bind
delicate chastity
with the tang of blood

We are no longer beginning

Serpentine tattoos
wade her arched back
illusions where love lies in the brain.

All is gravel now.
I let her undress me.
Panhuman lust
in the tremble of her lips

We don’t have time to kiss.
We must cut the long lesson short.
Something so fleeting
inflames me all the more.

What constellation of needs led me to love?

I cry out,
but it satisfies nothing.

I am silenced
in her ragged whisper
her eyes are beyond me
watching the end approach

We cling to each other,
well fed and warm
rain sticky in our hands
and against our necks

Some call it lust,
But how can scribes envision
the emergence of two souls
in the wind beaten sand

…A wild crusade in a gryphon’s land.
This is an example of a "found" poem. To write this poem, I took sentences, fragments, and individual words from a 2007 National Geographic magazine. The resulting collage became my poem. It is fun because you have to fit seemingly disparate sentences into something cohesive. As a result, the nonsensical begins to take on a variety of meanings.

This poem is part of what I have entitled "The Midnight Series."



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incredible! was very suprised to see that this is was a found poem!