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“If I kept talking about love, a hundred new combinings would happen, and still I would not say the mystery.”

I am in the wind…
am under a pink sky
thankfully peaceful

They say all paths lead to Rome
but I am on the dusty road of Marrakesh

I and you

Candy blue
Turquoise blue
Sky blue you

Mounted against the pyramid of Khufu
a supernatural face
in the vast desert

Serenity and symmetry
a strange juxtaposition
perfectly paired

Bagging a tiger has changed meaning.
If there is fighting in the air
we hear none.

This is a song far more ancient.
My lips seek moisture to speak

“Are you the sun back lighting the stars?”

There is a moment just before you push off the lip.
Eighteen inches between our empire garb

“That is for you to fathom”…

With that you smile

“Look for me in the forest of cranes,
where knowing leads to unknowing and back”
This is an example of a "found" poem. To write this poem, I took sentences, fragments, and individual words from 2 2005 National Geographic Traveler magazines. I believe the issues were July and August. The resulting collage became my poem. It is fun because you have to fit seemingly disparate sentences into something cohesive. As a result, the nonsensical begins to take on a variety of meanings.

There are two others in my gallery


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I really like this poem-- nonsense that suddenly become clear.
Wonderful :heart: