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The Saint and the Sinner

Photographer-Scott Ford

"The only difference between the saint and the sinner is that every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future."

-Oscar Wilde
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Like the way you are dressed
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Simply fabulous!
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el toque femenino convierte a esta fotografia en perfecta
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Amazing, powerful image.  I was seeing something a little different in the image (that's one of the great things about a really good image - it can pull up a host of different responses), which was more about the barriers we come up with all through our lives - the places we cannot go, or that we are TOLD we cannot go, even though crossing the barrier may be a simple matter of stepping over a line.

However, your past and future reference is incredibly powerful too.  Incredibly true statement, and beautifully depicted in this image.  I love the way your shadow just barely crosses over the line between past and future.  Maybe that difference is as thin as a sliver, or as transient as a shadow.

(Of course, YOU are beautiful in the shot... but that just sweetens the image.  Like the sunglasses.  Somehow, that adds a little edge to the image.  This is a lot more than just a "fashion" shot.)
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Reminds me of when I get tired of the road. I've sat down pretty much like that, though not actually in the road;) Great shot though.
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Looks like the 'road to nowhere'... great photo.
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Great image. Love the solitary feel of the shot.
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Excellent shot - I totally love the perspective. The title and the quote match so well with the highway motif. :skull::star::skull
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thinking about parallel lines? do they remind you of... parallel lines?
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lovely. The hands!
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simply a great series !! AAA+++
Great use of space - awesome composition. I also love your focus on the shadow. It has this sense of spirituality with symbolism of the scene.
You look incredibly cool and a little bit otherworldy (in the best way there is). Like a visitor on Earth.
Beautiful :heart:
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Taking this comment on the composition and  JayPres on a backstory: Are you ready to follow your shadow across the line and see the other side?
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Great composition!
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I cannot express it any better than Jasemana.  This image stopped me in my tracks.  The one thing he did no comment on was wearing a black out fit on a hot desert road.  Lauren, to me you are not one of the best models, you are the best.
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Nice capture!  The curve in the road, the descending angle of the mountains, the subject's hair, and the shadow reaching just over the lines seem to pull the viewer in that direction as if by gravity.  It escapes the flat light appearance that seems so common in desert shots.  Vibrant, though I might have burned the colors in just a bit more to make it seem even more surreal and intensify the concept.  Perfect title – well done.

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Love the quote. Really makes you think and goes with the picture perfectly. Love it. You look great.
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i adore this one .. wish i could have it in a wallpaper size :(
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If I was driving by, I'd give you a lift to anywhere you want.
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