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Bed of Roses

Photographer-Scott Ford

I have been on vacation for officially 3 days now and am loving every minute of it. I don't remember the last time I took a real vacation aka travel somewhere for work and end up using it as a vacation. This trip serves no purpose other than getting away from the city and relaxing. We have spent the last fews day in Sacramento with Scott's family. His parents have been so supportive of our photography. So much that Scott's mother went into her closet and attic and pulled out all of these old clothes of her mother's from the 1940s and 1950s. They were beautiful and elegant. We all traveled together and chose a location for another LS Studios shoot. Every article, down to the jewelry, is a piece of history of the Ford family. I felt as if I was taken back in history. Hope you don't mind my long winded story, but I couldn't help but share the experience with you. I foresee many more unique and interesting experiences for this trip. :) Will have more from this series for you!
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Very elegant. I like this piece.
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"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts."
- William Shakespeare, As You Like It

"This world is naught but a puppet show for bored gods. The puppet masters have done everything in their power to deceive the marionettes. They convince the puppets that there is no puppet show and that there are no spectators. They call the puppet theatre world, the puppets are called people, and the spectacle is called life." 
- Arnon Grunberg, Praise Of Folly 2001
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Wow! Those eyes!
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this is gorgeous.
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the way the light plays with you in the frame -- beautiful -- later days
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I love her eyes.. It's a great shot ^^
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No wonder sinec the place and people were both Scottish. Oh, dear how I miss it there.
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beautiful photo
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my pleasure really
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Absolutely stunning!! :heart: Looking forward to seeing more of this series!!
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I love this picture.
First of all your face is stunning, make up beautiful, editing is nice.
The background is well chosen and nice out of focus ( I would have made the rose on the right a bit less blurry)
The color of the lace robe is great for this shot and your lips and roses make a nice contrast to the green
Finally the mouth a bit open is the "cherry on the pie".
Wonderful shot
LaurenCalaway's avatar
thank you so much!!
Photo-FX's avatar
you're welcome !
keep up the good work !! :winner:
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Who is that girl?? she is so pretty :o
LaurenCalaway's avatar
she is me and thank you so much!
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Blue eyes so full of life
A wonder all of their own
So beautiful and precious
Oh to see those eyes smile
Such a beautiful sight

Grace hays
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