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at night they still remember u

forgive the abbreviated title-I ran out of letters.
"At night they still remember you".
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Beautiful work...
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well mastered, Great long exposure.
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Love your work:)
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The nineth capricho... the last one in this folder. We can count up to 80 caprichos in Goya's production. Do you think YOu're going to continue on this serie?
Please, do! More, more, please!
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Beautiful. That's all I have to say. :heart:
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Thank you. This is the only picture in 15 years that I have taken with artificial light.
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Well, it really turned out well.
I completed your gallery and find myself caught up in the darkness and light that issues from it. You play well with the edge of insanity while slapping reality in the face. Really cool work.
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Appreciate your taking the time to look.
The pleasure is all mine believe me. Your work is magnificent, haunting and beautiful!
How does on describe beauty of this caliber? Mere words will not do to acknowledge the beauty found hear. I am truly at a loss but I know there are words to be found. I do seriously identify with this work. Bravo to you.
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Thank you for the very flattering words.
Please the pleasure is mine seeing you work and it's quality.
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I love this, what medium format camera are you using?
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Large format- this series is shot on 4x5. A Deardorff folding camera. I also shoot 5x7 and 8x10.
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memory photographs well.
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Spoken in a conversational tone, perhaps as we walk the same way on a busy street,..."Do you find it more or less compelling when humans are your primary subject, and would you consider the notion that they are, whether you feature them or not?"
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