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Chaos is a god...

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Chaos is a god with no reflection.
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this is so unique love it
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This is just beautiful...
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This is fantastic, in both the popular and traditional sense of the word.

Would you consider a print trade?
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My actual prints are all unique gelatin silver prints. There will only ever be one like this, so on occasion I will make a new variation (if I can pull and make a new print I find suitable) to sell but I don't trade my masters. I become very attached to them.
I'm glad you like it though, it was a complete disaster of a shot due to a fight with a faulty cable release.
But it did end up working. You'd be surprised how often that happens.
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Ah I see. I worked in photo gor quite a number of years so I can respect that completely.
Have you considered making a scan of the master and using those as a next generation edition for exchange/sale?
If you decide to do that, do let me know.

Regardless, I am glad you share the digital versions here. Good work!
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Obviously it is already scanned, but I do not have an archival printer. That's kind of why I signed up for the deviant art prints store.
do you know a different way? How do you do trades? Always curious to know.
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Ah right. You know, I tend to avoid the DA Prints store. No slam against them, I hear they do quality work but the commission structure and total lack of the artist hand in the process makes it unappealing for me.

In my own trade adventures I come to an agreement with the other artist about size and image selection ( what they like that I can get for them) and print/sign and sometimes detail the images. I personally make each image that I send out. There is no official system per se.

Ah, yes I also do print archivally in what is now an officially recognized printmaking standard as Digigraphie (established in France circa 2003 in cooperation with Epson)--so all of the images I make/disseminate are rated to last between 104-200(+) years.
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that's always been one of the main concerns about digital- longevity. Nice to see more and more printing options are entering the mainstream.
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warning: i can see already i will most likely fave close to everything in your gallery.
highly powerful work.
and personally-i think each one will need a bit of time to REALLY absorb. right now-i just want to go through and collect and see and look -but as for absorbtion-that i must do later (my mind is a bit too fried right now to do much more than that)
but-i must say: your work is quite intense and excellent stuff.
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thank you very much.
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Chaos and logic, the two are at constant battle. This definitely fits chaos!! Your take on logic would be interesting to see!
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I'll give logic a shot, see if I can come up with something.
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Cool, look forward to seeing it!
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Quite a lot going on there.
as always your titles are perfectly chosen, one of the only artists I know of on DA whose titles really add something to the piece.

The face almost seems masked.
As always, this is quite well done.
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I give careful consideration to the titles. The visual image is open to any avenue of interpretation, as it should be, and a title can at least indicate the direction of my thought.
I usually title a piece the first time I watch it come up in the developer.
Pictures know their own names.
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