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Asha Greyjoy

:iconurseriousplz: I don't really like this how this one came out. So let's move right along, shall we?

I liked doing Arianne because of all the crazy frills and lace and jewelry and the tiny details, but Asha? I was like..."uh, I guess I can add some stitching?" The next one will be someone less, shall we say, "utilitarian."

How 'bout that :iconspoonybards: kicking out the ASOIAF jams?? If you like The Songs and the Fires, Ices, etc, you better follow SpoonyBards.


Stock and textures from alexesn and FantasyStock and VoteRoslin and Bloody-Aenil and Hatch1921 and West-Ninja.
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I kinda imagined her with shorter hair and a "meaner" expression and posture, know what I mean? She looks like a model here, and this is by no means an insult xD
If anything, it's a compliment for the good drawing.
cvrc11's avatar
Holy crap this is the closest I have seen anyone come to my own mental image of Asha! Congratulations!
apegentile's avatar
she looks like the way i imagined her when i first read of her in the book! i don't like the tv show actress...
good job!
greetings from italy
Right? They should've cast Katee Sackhoff from Battlestar Galactica. Swole and hot, like in the books.
CerseiDM's avatar
She's great, I love her! Nice work.
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celestearcher's avatar
LoveAsha! she was so kick-ass!
Douglasbot's avatar
Asha crush is at 12! Great piece!
Guilles's avatar
This one is one crazy broad, she should had married that guy she liked and leave. :(
ArilianaFireQueen's avatar
I dunno what you're talking about, this looks great.
CyberCorvo's avatar
I don't think here she is cute...BTW in my head Asha is not ugly... don't forget that a half of her crew "wanted to spread her legs"
CyberCorvo's avatar
woah I am in love with this work!! Asha is my favourite character in the book, because she competes against men in her family using her head (she uses her body too, but only for her pleasure). I like her utilitarian style and her bond with the sea, this work is a very good interpretation of the character! only one thing: her nose should be aquiline.
Yvy-san's avatar
(And her position is sexy ! Like a predatory ♥)
Yvy-san's avatar
Well, it's hard to draw her charisma, 'cause this is her beauty : strength of her nature.
Here, she looks... cute x). Myrcella is cute, not Asha.
However, I like what you try to do :p, the picture is nice :].
spoonybards's avatar
How did I miss you posting this?! I'm delighted to see you drew her for this set!! *___* :heart::heart: Pishposh at your commentary, even though her outfit isn't elaborate this is still a great piece :D I love how distinct her face is! I don't think she looks *too* pretty at all, but just right. You really captured her well:heart:

(also...fff, thanks a ton for the shout out ; ;:heart: *embarrassed!*)
Lauren-Oh's avatar
Thank you! :love: Your stuff is such an inspiration, you have such a clear & consistent is so fun to watch. More, more, more! :heart::heart::heart:
crisurdiales's avatar
Gee, at this point Asha is my fav character in the books (leaving my crush on Jaime on the side :P) A cool drawing and a great concept, with the watery shadow and all :)
Lauren-Oh's avatar
Ohhhh my...Jaime Lannister. :love: A friend of a friend seduced the Yellow Knight from Medieval Times because he was a dead-ringer. Wrote her number on her paper crown and slipped it to him. ...But I digress. :XD:
terroristCookie's avatar
Oh, Asha is one of my favourite characters. But I think here she's a bit too beautiful. But I love the pose and the expression on her face. Nice work :)
Lauren-Oh's avatar
Ah, I totally agree... I think she'd be one of those women who's really attractive not because of her face or body, but because of her demeanor. Women like that are hard to draw :X I always underestimate. Someday, I get it right.
Dare2a's avatar
wow, I love this one !
Lauren-Oh's avatar
Oooh, what a nice thing to say! :D
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