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clever things

i really do hate that ><
during an argument i never say anything good then after if like 50 billion things i could've said

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Me too.... I hate that
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I do that so much... That's the plus of arguments here, you have time to type something really clever, sassy, and calculative. 
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i know exactly how that feels omg. whenever i think of a clever remark i'm like 'why couldn't i have said it earlier?'
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I had an argument yesterday and I just thought of things I should have said.
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OMJ thats what i do! I have a very sharp tounge, but not just a fast one O.o
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ikr....I just hate that!
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Ok, when did you dive into to everyone's personality choose something to make a stamp for?
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I have a million right now, I wish I had a time machine.
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Story of my life. :raincloud:
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...and then that really awesome moment when you're arguing with something and you say the best comeback, and you're celebrating so much in your mind that you thought of such a great thing that you forget why you were arguing in the first place.

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(( *Cries* It happens way to often for me. MUST. LEARN. TO THINK. FASTER! ))
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I hate this about myself with every fiber of my being. At least I'm not the only one ^^; .
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i cant stand tht when tht happens
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i know the feeling
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OH GOD! i thought i was the only one who had that problem :iconcryforeverplz:
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I hate that. Happens all the time.
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All the time ><
Always think of a better way to explain something or what to say about something AFTER its happened...
Mind, Y u no work?
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