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Willow Jackman and the Olympian's Curse: Chapter 3
“All will be revealed in due time.”
    Let me tell you my greatest fears: not being able to control my own body and losing the people I love. Yeah, pleasant stuff. It was just my luck that my nightmare started off with both. Someone I couldn’t quite make out was talking to a blonde man with a scared face. The first one seemed nervous until the second put a hand on them and they seemed to calm down.
    “Now, the girl,” the scared one said.
    “I can bring her to you, sir,” the first responded with a familiar voice.
    “Does she trust you?”
    “Of course.”
    “She is a backup plan, a very important backup plan. I need her before the solstice.”
    “I understand, Lo-”
    “Be quiet fool!” The blonde struck the other, causing them to hit the floor. “Som
:iconlauren-3-elizabeth:Lauren-3-Elizabeth 2 2
Luna x Iida by Lauren-3-Elizabeth Luna x Iida :iconlauren-3-elizabeth:Lauren-3-Elizabeth 5 2 Belle by Lauren-3-Elizabeth Belle :iconlauren-3-elizabeth:Lauren-3-Elizabeth 12 2 Erela Wyld: Runaway Bride by Lauren-3-Elizabeth Erela Wyld: Runaway Bride :iconlauren-3-elizabeth:Lauren-3-Elizabeth 3 0
Willow Jackman and the Olympian's Curse: Chapter 2
“How can we trust your kind not to abuse your power?”
   Flying in to Camp Half-Blood on a broomstick always felt weird, but it is honestly one of the best sights in the world. Though, I suppose parts of the landscape were different from what I remembered, like the Athena Parthenos. It’s strange to see a statue of my mother looking down upon all of Camp. Carefully, I sped to Cabin 6 and landed facing the front door.
    “It’s good to be back.” I muttered aloud.
    “Well well well, who do we have here?” A voice coming from behind me called.
    “Cynthia?” I asked.
    “You've got some nerve showing up after not being here last year! We could've used your help!”
    That much I knew was true. If I hadn't thought it'd be too dangerous to return here last year, or to even leave the magical community in London, I would've been f
:iconlauren-3-elizabeth:Lauren-3-Elizabeth 4 0
Cinder's Faction by Lauren-3-Elizabeth Cinder's Faction :iconlauren-3-elizabeth:Lauren-3-Elizabeth 25 3 Self Headshot by Lauren-3-Elizabeth Self Headshot :iconlauren-3-elizabeth:Lauren-3-Elizabeth 5 0 [Commission] Gladius Fernal and Chris Knightfall by Lauren-3-Elizabeth [Commission] Gladius Fernal and Chris Knightfall :iconlauren-3-elizabeth:Lauren-3-Elizabeth 5 1 Grand Prismatic by Lauren-3-Elizabeth Grand Prismatic :iconlauren-3-elizabeth:Lauren-3-Elizabeth 14 3 [Commission] Team HSHN and honorary member Hope by Lauren-3-Elizabeth [Commission] Team HSHN and honorary member Hope :iconlauren-3-elizabeth:Lauren-3-Elizabeth 4 2
Willow Jackman and the Olympian's Curse: Chapter 1
"Magic is an unpredictable entity of its own. We may study it and one day master it, but we can't aim to contain it."

    I suppose I should start at the very beginning of my time at this great place called Camp Half-Blood. My dad had to go hunting and well, with my muggle younger half brother and my magic developing, he couldn't really take both of us with him. Gran and Gramps were busy on trip to Romania all summer and didn't think it wise to have children around dragons. That marked the first day I met my mother.
    A woman with stormy gray eyes appeared in the kitchen of my father's home in the New York countryside. He moved here from London after the Battle for Hogwarts.
   "Athena! What are you doing here?" My dad asked her as I spun around to see my father even more confused than I was.
   "When were you going to tell her about her parentage?" Athena bluntly asked him.
    "What do you mean, miss?" I tilte
:iconlauren-3-elizabeth:Lauren-3-Elizabeth 8 4
Willow Jackman and the Olympian's Curse: Prologue
"With great power comes great responsibility. With yours, child, there are strict conditions."
    I woke up in a gutter on the side of the road, with my best friend next to me. You may ask how we ended up here. Well, that's a long story. Isabelle McCannon and I have been... Well we've kind of been on the run. Our van was destroyed by a Minotaur after we were driving away from wolves with glowing eyes and we can't use magic here. Oh, sorry, didn't see you there! This must be pretty confusing. Let me start over.
    Hello, the name's Willow Rose Jackman, but my friends call me Wil. My dad's name is Aspen and he's a wizard who hunts supernatural beings and protects the wizarding world from other hunters. My mum's name is Athena, you've probably heard of her. She's the best goddess out there, until you insist she's wrong about something or challenge her. They met in a library and well, one day had me! I'm a literal brainchild. It's complicated. Lucky m
:iconlauren-3-elizabeth:Lauren-3-Elizabeth 6 7
Beast Tamer - MapleStory Challenge by Lauren-3-Elizabeth Beast Tamer - MapleStory Challenge :iconlauren-3-elizabeth:Lauren-3-Elizabeth 10 0 Among the Graves of my Past by Lauren-3-Elizabeth Among the Graves of my Past :iconlauren-3-elizabeth:Lauren-3-Elizabeth 12 0 [Commission] Chris Knightfall and Winter Schnee by Lauren-3-Elizabeth [Commission] Chris Knightfall and Winter Schnee :iconlauren-3-elizabeth:Lauren-3-Elizabeth 4 1 Team JNPR by Lauren-3-Elizabeth Team JNPR :iconlauren-3-elizabeth:Lauren-3-Elizabeth 6 4


A hair raising experience  by travisJhanson A hair raising experience :icontravisjhanson:travisJhanson 170 30 Free dragons by travisJhanson Free dragons :icontravisjhanson:travisJhanson 361 96 Updated Version of Yuki Arashi by haru-yuki21 Updated Version of Yuki Arashi :iconharu-yuki21:haru-yuki21 5 3 VLD OC Yuki Arashi Handbook Page by haru-yuki21 VLD OC Yuki Arashi Handbook Page :iconharu-yuki21:haru-yuki21 5 8 Saber of red by UntoldMage Saber of red :iconuntoldmage:UntoldMage 31 4 Sun Conure -  Aratinga Solstitialis by Yuukon Sun Conure - Aratinga Solstitialis :iconyuukon:Yuukon 285 31 Momma loves her splody boi by InsertSomthinAwesome Momma loves her splody boi :iconinsertsomthinawesome:InsertSomthinAwesome 125 62 Odyssey Jinx/Kayn by InkRose98 Odyssey Jinx/Kayn :iconinkrose98:InkRose98 32 6 End of summer? by DavidMnr End of summer? :icondavidmnr:DavidMnr 462 107 Store Front II by AnthonyPresley Store Front II :iconanthonypresley:AnthonyPresley 252 9 Eye #6 | DOODLE by KatieSapphire Eye #6 | DOODLE :iconkatiesapphire:KatieSapphire 11 0 Star Guardian Lux Cosplay Study by InkRose98 Star Guardian Lux Cosplay Study :iconinkrose98:InkRose98 36 10 VLD OC Clara Durant by DragonAnalei VLD OC Clara Durant :icondragonanalei:DragonAnalei 30 9
.:Rules to join:.
So you wanna join this Voltron OC group?
Thats all fine and dandy- but there are some rules you gotta follow to get a folder here-
Please read them all carefully before you apply !
:bulletpurple: At least have more then 3 pictures/references of your OC.
Drawn by yourself, written stories or drawn by others both are fine
:bulletpurple: Have a solid bio written out for them so we can know more about them.
We mean where do they come from, what are their powers, are they good or bad, ect.
:bulletpurple: Godmodded OC's are a definite no.
Very often OC's are given to much powers. Or one power that is just way to strong.
It ruins the fun of the story a bit c':
:bulletpurple: OC's should be concidered "family friendly"
Voltron itself might deal with some serious subjects, but its still an animated shows that can be enjoyed by adiences of all ages.
So a character who's hyper sexual, curses like a sailor, or j
:iconvoltron-oc-coalition:Voltron-OC-Coalition 2 2
Gandalf vs Balrog by THEONEAJMATRAUMA Gandalf vs Balrog :icontheoneajmatrauma:THEONEAJMATRAUMA 16 2 Neo Tokyo by AnthonyPresley Neo Tokyo :iconanthonypresley:AnthonyPresley 805 33


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United States
I'm a self-taught artist and have picked up some photography tricks from my father. I also enjoy reading and writing and coming up with original characters for the many TV shows, movies and books I can't help but fall in love with. I also row, sing and am a pianist.

ART TRADES [Note me if interested]
COLLABS [Open, note me if interested]
COMMISSIONS [Closed, due to lack of interst. I’ll probably open these up again next month]
Woah I can’t believe I’ve been on here for a whole year now! It’s so crazy...

I joined up because one of my closest friends convinced me to (love ya haru-yuki21 ) and I’ve met a lot of amazing people on here like BaltizarD FanFicAdan TheNessY21 Bobaccountemps1 DeoxysSpeed  Volteg77 and NeonPugs21. You guys are honestly amazing and I’m happy to call you my friends. I’ve also been seriously impressed by a lot of artists on here, so much so I’ll actually lose my head when I see amazing art of theirs for one of my ships.

As I continue here on DA, I do want to work to be more social and a bit less awkward in addition to growing as a person and an artist. 

On that note, it’s time to do something I haven’t done yet! I’m going to do an art giveaway because, honestly, why not? 

Here’s how it’s going to work: 
  • Comment what one of your favorite deviations (or journals) of mine is on this journal.
  • Favorite this!
  • Watch me if you haven’t already. This is an art giveaway and I’d rather not give someone free art if they’re going to watch then unwatch me as soon as they get it (sorry).
What is being given away, you ask? Well....
You get to request a piece from me and I’ll draw it (no nsfw).

Once I have 10 entries, I’m going to use a random number generator to pick three of you. I’ll then notify you by both editing this journal to mention you and by noting you. If you do want the request, please do request it when I let you know. If I get more than 10 entries... then I’ll figure something out to add in everyone else. 

If you want to help get the word out, that’d be great, but it’s not necessary for participation. 

Good luck everyone! You have two weeks to enter. 



Hey everyone! I'm going on a retreat where I won't have access to the internet room tomorrow to Friday evening. I'll be back then! 💕
Sorry chapter 2 of wjatoc isn’t out yet! I had to have surgery on my knee and as I was finishing up book three of Trials of Apollo the other week RICK JUST HAD TO KILL OFF A POTENTIAL SHIP so I've been mentally recovering from that sadness..... Anyway yeah I'm writing it still don't worry
Family emergency is more under control. I'll be going back to working on some things now.
Hey guys I'm taking a break from DeviantArt for a couple days. Family emergency. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Working on a headshot of Erela Wyld (protagonist of a fantasy book I'm trying to write). Finals are next week too.


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I'm unfathomably thankful for your generous gesture, Lauren; thanks a lot for that. Should I return the favor by featuring you in a forthcoming episode of my web-show "Reaching Out to the Unfamous," where artists who display incredible talent and masterful techniques get a seal of approval and a personal shoutout from me? I plan to look at your gallery later this week, btw. :)
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I would greatly appreciate that, thank you very much!
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Thank you very much for the watch! =D
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