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I'm still very much a noob, trying figuring this all out, and I don't really understand Llama badges.  Perhaps when my recalcitrant root canal is over and my brain is fully functional, I'll get the hang of it.  

Meantime, I've got to get a couple of time sensitive political articles written and the first draft of my novel finished.  

my problem
Over the last few years I've been wearing the letters off computer keyboards.  At first it took a year or so, but at this point it  happens to a brand new keyboard in a matter of a couple of months.  

Keyboards aren't very expensive, and they are cheaper still if you pick up a used one from a place like The Working Centre's Computer Recycling in Kitchener.   Still, I am tired of buying new keyboards; even forgetting the cash outlay, it's annoying to have to get used to each new keyboard's Idiosyncrasies.  The one I've settled on has the backspace and delete key transposed from the way my netbook's keyboard is laid out.  Needless to say it can be a challenge switching back and forth between the two machines.  

As the bulk of the letters became illegible, I've been periodically paointing the letters back on with acryllic paint.  But it only lasts a couple days before rubbing off again.  So the last time I painted on the letters, I coated it with two coats of clear nail polish.  It lasted longer but it's beginning to go again.  This makes my spelling suffer, as I am a hunt-and-peck typist.  Since I'm finishing my second novel novel, I'll be switching over to my netbook probably next week to allow this keybord time to cure.   My visual work will have to go on hold while that happens, though, because the netbook just doesn't have the oomph to handle large images.

eventual solution?
Maybe one day I'll be able to afford one of those delightful steampunk computer keyboards cobbled together from copper tubing and old typewriter keys, or better yet, maybe one day I'll make my own.

If this happens to you, feel free to commiserate; better yet, if you've found a better solution, I'd love to hear it!

And in the meantime, if you should notice any typos ~ or even downright spelling mistakes ~  please let me know.  As a thank you I'll email a free ePub copy of my debut novel "InconstantMoon" to anyone pointing such things out to me.  [email:]

It would be lovely to see some adoption of standards for digital devices, but that's unlikely whilst corporate giants have patent law tied around their little fingers, allowing them can sue each other for absurd things like screen shape and worse, to have such ridiculousness upheld by the courts.  Okay, yes, I *am* one of those radical free culture folks.  A believer in the public domain.  Personally I'd rather spend my time creating my own work than writing or worrying about all that stuff.  Something most of us don't realize is that the only way to make copyright work for creators is through (a) legal threats, for which we must be prepared to (b) go to court.   Even if I thought copyright was a good idea, I don't want to spend the rest of my life in court.   But that whole "intellectual property" deal is getting worse and worse for creators with more and more ridiculous copyright laws and treaties being passed around the world, so I don't feel I can sit on the sidelines.  The more I learn about copyright law, the more I've come to favor copyright abolition.  But until we get that far, I'm inclined to license my own work as freely as possible.   I have other places to talk about copyright law, and technical difficulties and interweb freedom.   Apologies; I am very prone to digressing.  /climbing off the hobby horse

caution: noob
I've only just joined deviantART and am just learning the ropes.    I've uploaded a few images to my gallery, but I've got to get the first draft of my next novel finished and out to beta readers, so I won't be doing much here over the next month.  

But I am very pleased to have discovered another platform from which to connect with other creatives, as well as a place where it's easy to share my Creative Commons licensed work.

Laurel L. Russwurm
14 March, 2013