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Yummycandy by breeveyten
 "Looks like someone left a piece of candy here... Be the first to reply with 'claim' to snatch it!"
I wanted to ask when should I be expecting MYO to be available again? I really do adore this species.
Hi! So far we have a MYO opening approximately every month and half! And we're slowly converting to toyhouse now so if you haven't already, consider join the th group here:…
Hey maybe I'm not looking in the right place but can you get an MYO slot right now? If so, how much are they?
Hello! MYO slot sales are usually posted on breeveyten 's account. There's currently a MYO sale over here: [OPEN][MYO] Special SALE Laurelle Corona
Oh thanks! I almost have enough so I may be coming to get one soon!