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W e l c o m e to the Masterlist account for the Laurelle-Corona ARPG.

In this journal is where you'll find all information on how to update a masterlist entry, transfer ownership of a character to someone else, how to get a MYO approved or updated and more!

Everything on this account is uploaded purely for archiving and organizational purposes. All characters belong to their respectful owners and may not be referenced without explicit permission from the owner. Laurelles are a closed species and cannot be made freely without permission from the species owner, breeveyten or without ownership of a MYO slot. For information on how to get your own Laurelle or Plume, please visit the group Laurelle-Corona.

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I. U p d a t i n g

Updates can include changing class or summon, errors found on an entry, an updated visual reference, rank ups or trait changes.

To get any information updated on a masterlist entry, you must first be the owner listed on the masterlist entry! Then please note the Laurelle-Corona group or let us know in our help channel in our discord!

II. T r a n s f e r s

All ownership transfers must be done by the current owner of the design or be confirmed in a reply by the owner. To have an ownership transfer you must comment on the laurelle's masterlist entry and list the user you are transferring the design to, as well as the method of transfer (resale, trade, gift, etc.)

To find out what transfer options are available to you, please view the 'Obtained Via' section on each masterlist entry. As well as cross-reference breeveyten's Terms of Service for a more detailed breakdown on the options listed. And if you have any questions please ask us to ensure no accidental rule breaking occurs!

III. M Y O ' s

MYO is an acronym for 'make your own.' These are slots that allow you the ability to create your own laurelle or plume designs! Rank and traits available will depend on what is allowed for your individual slot. To use one you must have a slot listed under your name on our group roster.

For information on how to obtain a slot of your own, please visit the Laurelle-Corona group! If for some reason you have obtained a slot via purchase, resale, trade or gift and it is not listed under your name, please let us know with proof of how you obtained the slot!

Once you have a slot you will need to get your MYO design approved. To get a MYO design approved you will need to note the group or DM breeveyten directly on discord! When doing so please include the following information:

  1. A visual reference (over 400px wide preferred, must include your Laurelle's summon or your Plume's instrument.)

  2. Designer and Artist credits

  3. If you commissioned an artist for a custom design or reference art, please let us know the price of the commission so it can be added to the ML resale price!

  4. Proof of your slot (on the roster or otherwise)

  5. Your Laurelle's Name

  6. Your Laurelle's rank and a list of traits used.

  7. A brief description of how they use their summon and any magic they may have.

You're also welcome to ask for general help when designing in our help or artwork channel found in the group discord server!

IV. U p l o a d s

All official laurelles (aka laurelles obtained by breeveyten sales, auctions or customs) will be automatically uploaded to the masterlist upon recieving payment/custom completion. If you've recently bought a laurelle from a sale, please give us a few days to upload it!

Approved MYO laurelles will be added once approved, and guest artist sales will be uploaded once the guest designer lets us know they have recieved payment in full!

If it's been a week and you still don't see an entry for your laurelle, please let us know so we can get it uploaded for you.

★ ★ ★

If you have any questions not covered by this guide, please note the group directly, or ask in our discord!

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