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I love this comic~ I just read all the pages in one go and now I'm so addicted to Lally and Alex.Animated Love Monkey  They are so cute together. And unbelievable hot~Blush Perfect match. I can't get enough of them. And the art is nothing less than awesome. Amazing work. Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Sho lovely) [V2] 
Therefore, Alex... hurry up and recover, so Lally can finally explain and you get back together! I wanna see more sexy scenes~  Nosebleed
Oh, yes, congratulations on the 200th page. Clap 
Gosh Lallys face is so cute right now <3
CearyAuryn's avatar
Aw Lally has so much to think about!
LilSisSyd's avatar
Lally........You're like a puppy waiting for your master to get better and play with you. It melts my heart
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200 pages, wooow! Congratz both of you!
IdrilSeregon's avatar
Take good care of our Alex :heart:
Congratulations on 200 pages!!
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Page 200 Cheerleader

And I like every single one :loves: V2 
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don't worry lally, alex is strong, he will be ok :heart:
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Aw he's just thinking about Alex so much now :(
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I can't help but wonder if Lally has ever had to take care of another person before? Not just care about them but actually take care of someone? Methinks not. Sad as it is that Alex is sick, I think this is good for Lally and he'll learn a lot about himself from all of this.

Let's hope that when Alex wakes up that the misunderstandings don't start all over again!
Witchmiester185's avatar
Lally, you're really worried about Alex, aren't cha?
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