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[CC] Runi's Hunt Spring 2021

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1. Firefly Glade / Dragonfly Wings (feat. Buzz BuzzSneefHydraSkullkraken, & Prickly P.)
2. Streets of Lilypad / Golden Scarab Charm, Wad of Pink Hair (feat. Buzz BuzzSneefHydraSkullkraken, & Prickly P.)
3. Flint's Car / Animal Bones (feat. Buzz BuzzSneefHydraSkullkraken, & Prickly P.)




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Find all the things Runi!!

5,400 - 2/3 / Full Body (18x300)

3,600 - Line Art (18x200)

3,600 - Color (18x200)

1,800 - Shading (18x100)

900 - Background (3x300)

1,500 - Cameo (15x100)

16,800 Bells Earned!

Thank you SO MUCH for linking all the apps! It makes the art queue go a lot faster when I don't have to search for each individual one! ♥♥♥

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