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February 1, 2021
Galadriel by Gudulett-e
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Fanart of Galadriel for the January Character Design Challenge

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© 2021 Laure-Au
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Cool and beautiful! :)

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Everything about you is like a dream perfect beautiful and artistic so I wouldn't worry about anyting I am trying to be a small fraction of what you are

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This is gorgeous!

If I may suggest you can share this on reddit on the subs r/lotr r/tolkienart r/woodelvesforest r/characterdrawing r/highelveshalls and r/elveninspiration if you want, they would love this!

Also what do you think of my gallery? I'd like some feedback

by the way I don't know if you like to role play but you can join these servers if you want, we'd love to have you there

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A fine tribute to the character 😊

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Really beautiful! Congrats on the DD!

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Stunning work Definitely deserve being Daily deviation!

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Wow, this is so pretty!

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Well done ! :)

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How beautiful! You really captured her well!

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Gimli: Yeah, she won't miss a couple.

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