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I can't believe I've been on DA so long that you can probably read my journals from when I first started posting my super sketchy fanart to this moment. 

I just wanted to share this blog post on my website! I'm in the animation industry nooowwww!!!…

If any of you have been following me for some time now, you know this is blowing my mind. But it's totally doable, guys. You can make stuff happen! (insert other better articulated awesome words of encouragement) 

Thanks for being interested in my work, everyone!   
Just a note: if I ever skip an update here on DA, Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr, the latest page still goes up on my website. I usually have a good chunk of pages in the buffer ready to go so just check the website directly!

GAHHH, can't figure out why I can't seem to access the internet from my new desktop. It was working just fine yesterday! And I can access the wireless on my iPad. LAKSHF:LASfhhh~
Hey guys, quick post here to plug my fellow lady friends at Sparkler Monthly.…

Their Kickstarter needs a little help and if you're into shojo/josei stories at all and/or like to help indie publishers, definitely consider pitching in to their campaign or help spread the word. We need small, independent publishers like them willing to take risks with new comic artists, writers and creators.

If you'd like to check out their offerings, you can view their titles over here!
I completely forgot to mention! Anybody here going/tabling at ACEN next week? 

I'm going (NOT tabling though!) with a few friends for the weekend and was just wondering if any of you will be there. :) Maybe we can fangirl over stuff! 
Hi guys, 

For those of you who have a tumblr account or an RSS reader, this is my new production blog for creating Vol. 2!

I am basically throwing everything but the kitchen sink at it. I realize there's a lot I don't talk about or show when I talk about "working on Vol. 2" so here's a very behind-the-scenes space for you to check out!

If you're interested in self-publishing, making your own comics or just generally interested in how comic artists work, you'll probably dig it!  
You guys are the best!

Sorry for the quiet around here lately but I'm hard at work on Vol. 2 of Polterguys and I'm so excited to get new pages out. It'll be a few more months of waiting. (Shooting for May-ish release date? *crosses fingers, draws a circle and sacrifices a chicken*) 

Trying to get a Tumblr production blog in place for it, too. I'll update this when it goes live! 

Hi guys, opening up commissions again. Saving up for the holidays and such! Want to get friends and family a customized illustration? Look no further! 
Disney, anime, manga, TV shows, your OCs - whatever you like!

1-character, Black and white - $25
Request: Xalvox by laurbits  Request: Jade by laurbits
1-character, colored $35 
Happy Hermes by laurbits  [Green Lantern: TheAnimated Series]  Aya and Razer by laurbits
1-character, with BG $65

And of course, if you wanted something more complex like my other pieces here, just send me an email at laurie[dot]uy[at] with your specific details and we can work something out! 
Iwatobi Swimming Club by laurbits  Dancing with the Wintersmith by laurbits  Commission: Cafe by laurbits 

Hiya guys!

Couple pieces of news -

I've been accepted to exhibited at TCAF (Toronto Comics Arts Festival) in Canada May 11-12 and Kids Reads Comics in Downtown Ann Arbor June 22-23. If you'll be at any of those places attending, please stop by the table! :D

Polterguys Vol. 1 Special Features Extras Cover by laurbits

Polterguys Vol. 1 Special Features and Extras is now AVAILABLE!
You can get it here from Gumroad as a DRM-Free PDF for just 99 CENTS. It's got 60 pages of illustrations, photos, articles and concept art as well as an original Polterguys short comic. Click here to get it now!

That's it for now. Enjoy the rest of the week! :D
Hey guys, looks like Polterguys Vol. 1 and I are nominated for Best New Talent at Portland's Stumptown Comic Awards.

The polls will be open for one week and is open to popular vote so if you dig my work, please consider casting a vote!…

Win or lose, it's an honor to be nominated along with such wonderfully talented artists. :) Feel free to check out other people's comics as well!

I'll definitely miss this show. Razer and Aya are such great characters and the writing is just TOP NOTCH.

Man, sorry about the weird blog updates. Too many mini fires to put out as usual. I'm not even sure how helpful they are anymore. XD

That PDF is still coming!
Happy new year, guys! Sorry my DA's been so neglected lately. I've been really busy finishing up the PDF and gathering up more freelancing clients. I feel really lucky to have people to work for but it's been a brutal few weeks. Whew!

I'm getting back to regular posts again so I'm thinking of compiling my Tuesday and Thursday posts here together with my Saturday one so I only have to update once a week. Until DA can plug an RSS feed into my journal, I'm afraid it's all very manual for now.

My Kickstarter series continues!
Participate in your Community -…

Here's a peek at the Table of Contents for the Polterguys Vol. 1 Special Features and Extras…

Gonna get it done very soon!
1 more week of free shipping on Polterguys through the 14th
After that, I'm closing the shop for a while until I get back from the holidays with family!
Should you need access to a Polterguys book during that time, feel free to get it from Amazon…

Prints and stuff on my Society6 account also ship for free through the 9th via this link…


Also as a quick promo for my new upcoming book Polterguys Vol. 1 Special Features and Extras and for getting featured on MangaMag, we're holding a little giveaway contest over there.

Become a fan of Polterguys on and be eligible to win books and extra stuff! If you already have the book anyway and just want to show your support, I'd love that too! :D :heart:
I'll be sending out a newsletter soon with a sneak peek at the new Polterguys comic for the Special Features this weekend so if you want to check that out before the rest of the internet sees it, click here to subscribe!

Happy holidays, everyone!
Hey guys, I'm workin' on new Polterguys pages these next two weeks so sorry for the lack of helpful blog posts recently.

Good news, I'm a featured author now on Read my new blog post for more info. It may be taking a while but I feel I've been making good progress on the path of becoming a decent comic artist!

My holiday deals are still ongoing on my storenvy shop!
Please do check it out!

Hey guys, I will be closing up my online store when I leave town for the holidays so I'm running promos and taking commissions for the next two weeks!



+++POLTERGUYS Vol. 1 Book/PDF Bundle for just $15!+++

+++Custom Illustration and Comic Commissions for your loved ones!+++

Tell your friends!
Contact me at[at] or visit my Storenvy Shop!
Site Updates and Polterguys News -…
How to run a Successful Kickstarter for your Manga -…
Part 1: Do your Homework -…

Been marathoning episodes of Revenge and just finished the first season! Holy cowbells, the intrigue! The drama! The OUTFITS! It's all so deliciously written and Nolan Ross is such a wonderfully adorable revenge BFF. I am seriously enamored with his character.

Working on a fairly big illustration. Can't wait to share it with you guys soon.

If you happen to be an SJ member and should you feel inclined, please feel free to nominate my short story Final Track for Best Short Story Comic and Polterguys Vol. 1 for Best Drama Comic or any of the other categories on this page.
Things are finally settling in a bit so I should get back to blogging soon. Have you seen the new website by the way? What do you think? After it broke, I spent another few days tinkering with a new theme.

I have a major commission to finish this week and a few more looming deadlines.

Hope everyone watching me is doing okay in the wake of Sandy. Any of you affected by strong winds like here in Michigan? Take care of yourselves, guys!
And BRRRRR, it's getting chilly up here!

Hi guys, I'm finally getting back to my weekly posts. You can find my first official return post over on my website, as usual -

How much will I miss the Ponds? VERY MUCH. I love those two. I love them with the Doctor and I love their fantastic dynamic. NGL I was a teensy bit disappointed in that final episode though.


I honestly think it's because I've seen the both of them die so much that any pathos scrounged up by those supposedly heartbreaking scenes were met with minimal tear production - actually ZERO tear production. I kind of shocked myself! To test this theory, I tried watching the Sawyer-Juliet reunion scene in the LOST finale (I figured, I knew what was coming, maybe I'm finally maturing and finally growing out of my unapologetic SAP phase? NOPE NOPE NOPE ---> had to bust out the tissues not 2 minutes in. So yeah, the writing was off. And it doesn't help that the plot was kind of filled with holes as well. (Why was the Statue of Liberty even ---?)

Continues to surprise and delight! <3 Again when a story hooks me in with engaging characters, interesting conflict and lots of humor and heart - I'm so in.

Admittedly, not as straightforward as GLTAS, but the show does have a powerful driving force propelling my interest from episode to episode. I'm still sticking around because I just can't resist watching a good mental/emotional breakdown animated beautifully. XD

As always, thank you so much for the lovely comments, faves and a warmest welcome to new watchers! :)
Hi guys!

If you follow me on Twitter and Tumblr, you know I at least have my internet back. Unfortunately, my monitor got damaged during the move so I can't get my workspace up and working!

If you'd like to commission me for full-figure black/white illustrations, NOW'S THE PERFECT TIME! I'll do these for $20 USD each. That's full-figure, completely inked, and copic-markered! I honestly don't do traditional commissions that often - I haven't even done much of them at cons lately.

BW Ladies by laurbits Knoa for Sammi by laurbits

I'm all caught up with Doctor Who! Oh man, it's been super. I really enjoy the episodes but I'm also aware of all the problematic issues with Moffat's direction in the series. I'm a little disappointed they affect my overall enjoyment of the show (much like the women in Sherlock.) BUT I still look forward to the rest of this season. AND OH MY GOD, THE PONDSSSS. HOW WILL I FUNCTION WITHOUT THEM?!

I blame Isaia for making me so intrigued about Green Lantern: The Animated Series. All the gifs and fanart she reblogs have reached tipping point. Caught the first three episodes and now I can't wait till Aya shows up as a physical entity. THIS SHOW IS TEASING ME DAMMIT! I LOVE ME A GOOD ANTI-HERO. It's ZUKO ALL OVER AGAIN. WEE~~~
Hey guys! Just a quick post to let you know I have an interview with Julie of Manga Maniac Cafe about Polterguys here.…

Don't know if I've posted other reviews on here as well. Here's a major one from the Manga Critic… and you can find a bunch more at the Polterguys main page here on my site Http://

Tomorrow's our last day in the apartment. We've been pretty much busy cleaning out our rooms and throwing a lot of old things away. It's nice to get rid of some stuff we've been hanging on to for a while. Here's hoping the stuff we do bring actually fits in our car! *crosses fingers*
Sorry I couldn't get more blog posts up, guys.

For the next month and a half, I'm pretty much going to be a nomad. I'll still be reachable via Twitter and email but I doubt I can make more extensive posts.

The next time I update, it'll be from Michigan. Wish me luck!