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The Adventures of Delilah Dirk

I'm a huge fan of Tony Cliff's wonderful style and wit ever since I read Delilah Dirk's adventure with "The Aqueduct" in Flight Vol. 5.

He's currently sharing Delilah Dirk's full-length, full-color adventure at which you should definitely check out if you're a fan of kickass ladies and gorgeous comics.

Delilah Dirk (c) Tony Cliff
Art by *psychoe
Photoshop CS3
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And the poor guy who seems to have been roped into this crazy adventure!! He looks like he may be in over his head just a bit. Very nice work, and even nicer colors!!
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Love this! hahahahah! >_< <3
laurbits's avatar
:) Glad you liked!
ajamoore's avatar
I love the movement in this! And the coloring! JUST FULL OF LOVE :heart:
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Soap-Committee's avatar
Sweet character fluidity!
laurbits's avatar
Thanks so much! <3
Atelier-Saru's avatar
Great poses, man. You're good at doing things in motion, it seems. >D
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Thanks so much. The occasional stretch into a slightly different style helps me vary it up from time to time. :)
Atelier-Saru's avatar
I agree! I delve into stuff like Lackadaisy and Disney to broaden too like that. 8D
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