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24HCD09- 01

PART 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Let me first preface this with a warning that these pages are pretty much going to be doodle-y. I did this in less than 24 hrs because my body is allergic to sleep depravation. Same goes for grammatical errors and redundancies.

Second, is it true? I'd call it semi-autobiographical in the same vein as Manga Superhero had been.

Lastly, please excuse the melodrama as this story had been tinkering around my head for a while now. I've finally gotten it out of my system.
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So you got bit by the 24 hour comic bug this year too, huh? I did mine is less than 24 hours too...

...after the first six hours I JUST HAD TO HAVE THAT FOUR HOUR NAP.

So you did the art on paper and then dropped in the text digitally? Hmmm...

8D BETAMAX! I still have my grandfather's old Betamax machine at home! Hahahaha...
laurbits's avatar
Yep. :)


Seriously!? I make fun of my boyfriend for hanging on to a VHS player. Betamax is like...from the stone age now. XD
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I think Little Mermaid was as pivotal in my artistic upbringing as well lol XD
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So cute!
"This is the taste of friendship!"
"Dude it's only fries."
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Funny thing is, my friend really would have said it. XD
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... you know what. i think i had too much fries in 5th grade. Coz now i'd rather not eat them or hardly eat them at all.
~ b
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D8 Man, you had an earlier introverted childhood than I did. *remembers her childhood as extremely active*
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That's cause I bullied you around all the time. XD I constantly wished for an older sibling when you were a wee bon.
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