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Dress Tutorial

By LauraTolton
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So this is how I made the dress from the film King Arthur.
I am no seamstress I merely made this in a methodical way.

Anyway, with all of that aside I hope this helps or at least sheds some light upon how to make it.

After step 5 please turn inside out to hide the seams, for the sleeves you will see the seams anyway unless you make them separately.

I used around 3 meters of fabric that was 60 inches wide.
The cotton jersey fabric was a soft stretchy type so it draped really well.

I have some new photos of the dress here… and here…


As I receive so much interest from this tutorial if I made a short run of these dress would anyone be interested in buying one?
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I followed this tutorial (with a few alterations/additions) to make my costume to the renaissance festival! Thanks so much for posting this- it was a lot of fun!…
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Wow your dress looks fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing your result, I love it!
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This is going to be my Ren Faire dress so thanks for making this! I'm going on Saturday and it's already Friday sooo I don't have a lot of time lol
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Oh wow well I hope it helped you and you got your costume made in time! I'd love to see a photo of your finished creation :)
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Thank you so much for this tutorial! :) Is there anyway I can make the sleeves more of a "bell" type or V-necked? It would be very helpful
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Hi! You're welcome!
As for making the sleeves bell shaped I would suggest cutting the fabric in a curve and maybe try taking some of the width out of the bottom part of the sleeve. 
So essentially trimming the point of the sleeve where you cut it up from where the bottom of the dress is. Does that make any sense?
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Thank you so much for this tutorial. Easy to understand and to realize even for beginners like me :)
Very helpful ! merci
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I'm so pleased it helped you! :)
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This was amazingly helpful helping me make costumes for a fairy-tale themed pantomime I'm currently in. Thank you so much for sharing!
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Oh you are very welcome! I'm so pleased it has helped you!
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Thanks for this tutorial, I made it for a shoot and was really happy with the result! Hopefully I'll post the photos in the next month. Clap 
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Oh brilliant! I'm glad it helped you :)
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Hi Laura. Lots of love for all your works
Sorry to bother, but i'm starting to get really crazy not being able to figure out how to make one of the other Guinevre from the same movie, to be more specific this…

Do you have any clue, suggestion or tips on how to do that?

Any help will be really appreciated.
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Hi Foijeaf,

Personally I would start with buying leather-look (faux leather) plaited belts and sewing or tying them together with leather cord. You want lots of dangly bits so you don't have to worry about being too neat. 
They would make the top and also the belt around the top of her trousers.

If you look in thrift/charity shops or ebay you could find some suede trousers that you can cut up and then glue or sew back together again to get that multi layered patch effect.

You can buy torcs (the necklace she is wearing) 

For the sword I would suggest looking in party places and searching for Roman type swords. 

The Arm bracer base you could make from faux leather again and then glue on some gold painted card or even craft foam that you paint yourself for the details on top.

I hope this gives you some help, good luck with making it. Remember though that it's all a learning process and we all start somewhere so don't feel that you can't do it :) .

I'm still learning now and will continue to! Try and have fun with it and I would love to see your results.

best wishes,

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Hi Lawra,
I loved your tutorial for  guinevere's gown ( as many many others )  and thought this will make a very good and easy to sew dress for a kid also and have included your tutorial in a roundup post of  best kids dress tutorials for my site’s readers at (…) . I have linked it back to this page.
hope you will check it out
thank you
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thank you very much for the pattern :)
it's looking amazing!
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Great tutorial.  Thank you!
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this should be helpful
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Just finished sewing your dress and I really, really wanted to thank you! I hate patterns and this was more or less my salvation! Did some adjustements, though, but overall it's a brilliant dress and so, so easy to make and lovely to wear! Thank you! *huggles*
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I'm so pleased this helped you, thank you for letting me know! Yes the pattern can and needs to be adjusted for everyone as we are all different shapes and sizes :)

Thank you again, this made me smile x
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Haha, you're welcome! Would you mind if I post a picture of me wearing it (as soon as the decors are finished)? I would link back to you of course!
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Of course! I was going to say I'd love to see the result :)
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