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Robin Passerouge by laurasanya Robin Passerouge :iconlaurasanya:laurasanya 10 0 Merlin Leroux by laurasanya Merlin Leroux :iconlaurasanya:laurasanya 6 0 Pokemon X Classlocke Team 1 by laurasanya Pokemon X Classlocke Team 1 :iconlaurasanya:laurasanya 7 0 Leviathan the Shiny Milotic by laurasanya Leviathan the Shiny Milotic :iconlaurasanya:laurasanya 2 0 PNC Page 7 by laurasanya PNC Page 7 :iconlaurasanya:laurasanya 4 0 PNC Page 6 by laurasanya PNC Page 6 :iconlaurasanya:laurasanya 5 0 Platinum Nuzlocke Comic Page 5 by laurasanya Platinum Nuzlocke Comic Page 5 :iconlaurasanya:laurasanya 5 0 Platinum Nuzlocke Comic Page 4 by laurasanya Platinum Nuzlocke Comic Page 4 :iconlaurasanya:laurasanya 6 1 Platinum Nuzlocke Comic Page 3 by laurasanya Platinum Nuzlocke Comic Page 3 :iconlaurasanya:laurasanya 6 0 Platinum Nuzlocke Comic Page 2 by laurasanya Platinum Nuzlocke Comic Page 2 :iconlaurasanya:laurasanya 8 0 Platinum Nuzlocke Comic Page 1 by laurasanya Platinum Nuzlocke Comic Page 1 :iconlaurasanya:laurasanya 14 10
Kentin X Reader: The Letter
You and Ken were the closest of friends. Sure, he may have been clingy, going as far as to change high school just so he could be with you, but you couldn't resist his overloaded cuteness and kindness. These traits were part of his charm, and that's why you loved him. Unfortunately, your best friend had to leave shortly after you both had started your second year of high school in Sweet Amoris High. After hearing Amber and her friends were constantly bullying him, such as taking his lunch money, Ken's father had sent him to military school. The long distance didn't stop you from keeping in touch though. Every time you would receive a letter from him, you would reply back as soon as you could. You had started developing feelings for him as months passed.
You were currently lying on your bed, staring lovingly at the teddy bear Ken had given you the day he left. Your thoughts were interrupted when your mother called.
"(First Name)! You've got another mail!"
You immediately got up from you
:iconlaurasanya:laurasanya 16 1
Hide X Ghoul!Reader: Notice Me!
Once every week, you would see the boy of your dreams. There wasn’t anything extraordinary about him, but a single eye contact with him would be more than enough to make you the happiest girl alive. The problem was, he never noticed you, because he had eyes for someone else.
Seriously, what does he see in her? I admit, she’s pretty, and she loves books, but that’s all he knows about her. Me? He may not know I exist, but I know him more than you would expect. I know he has a passion for reading books, especially novels. I know his favourite author is Takatsuki Sen. I know he has a habit of rubbing his chin whenever he’s hiding something, and many more…
How do I know all this? No, I’m not stalking him. I’m simply good at observing people. I picked up that skill after Yoshimura offered me to work at Anteiku café.
You were a ghoul, just like all your co-workers. You were always interested in humans; their concept of living was d
:iconlaurasanya:laurasanya 41 9
Chatroom (Various X Reader)
(Name): (Username)
Red: IHeartPikachu
Green: OakTree
Blue: PeskyGirl
Gold: Sexy_Lad
Silver: Silver
Crystal: Kris
Sexy_Lad logged in
Silver logged in
Sexy_Lad started a conversation with Silver
Yo Silver!
Silver: hey
Sexy_Lad: very creative username you got there
Silver: thanks
Sexy_Lad: are you serious? :| (Blank Stare) 
Silver: what? got a problem with that?
Sexy_Lad: no...Sweating a little... 
Silver: anyway, what's up with your username? what a joke
Sexy_Lad: at least my jokes are better than yours! ha! 
Silver: I don't even make jokes :| (Blank Stare)  therefore, your argument is invalid
Sexy_Lad: why you little *&#%§?£$! 
:iconlaurasanya:laurasanya 120 57
Barry X Reader: Peaceful Morning
You woke up from the rays of sunlight that shined through the blue curtains. You tried to lift up but a certain pressure blocked your body's movement. It turned out to be your husband's strong arms which were wrapped around your waist, his bare chest pressed against your back and his head was resting on top of yours. You carefully turned to face him and looked up, smiling brightly as you saw Barry's sleeping face. He looked peaceful which was extremely rare.
When you first met him as children, he was very hyper and impatient. Surprisingly, he became more mature through the years and especially more responsible after he married you. He would still have his moments of being immature but there would be times when he turns into the romantic husband.
You silently admired your husband's calm face. Your (colour) eyes slowly trailed from his closed eyes to his lips, his mouth slightly open. His messy blond hair was surprisingly soft.
Barry's lips suddenly moved into a small smile and slowly op
:iconlaurasanya:laurasanya 49 25
Pokemon Boyfriend Scenarios: When he confesses
Red wasn't really talkative, but you didn't care. Right now, you were both enjoying walking in the park on a snowy day. Winter wasn't your favourite season. On the other hand, Red really liked the snow and cold. You never knew why, but you guessed it had something to do with childhood memories. You started shivering a little. Your crush noticed and immediately took his black coat off and put it around you. You blushed at his gesture, but quickly hid with your (favourite colour) scarf.
"A-Aren't you going to be cold?" you asked, worried about his health. You just heard him chuckle as you both sat on a wooden bench. 
While you were in your own little world, Red nervously started writing something on the ground covered in snow with a long stick. He smiled a little to himself before he lifted his head up and gazed at you with his crimson eyes. You looked at him confused, before your (colour) widened at the sight of what was written on the ground.
I love you. Will you b
:iconlaurasanya:laurasanya 74 26


Detroit Become Human - Connor, Kara and Markus by Laovaan Detroit Become Human - Connor, Kara and Markus :iconlaovaan:Laovaan 1,865 40 Levi by Shilozart Levi :iconshilozart:Shilozart 204 7
DA Family Update! :3
I'm gonna update my DA Family, so please comment what you'd like to be! Below are the spots you can apply for:
DA Sister/Brother:
DA Cousin:
DA Father:
DA Mother:
DA Best friend:
DA Pet (specify what kind of pet):
DA Boyfriend/Husband:
DA Hobo: 
If there's anything else special you'd like to be, plz comment. ;u; 
:iconpoke-girl333:Poke-girl333 3 44
manifests in your bedroom for cameos
ehygyey............. hey guys i'm working on this Thing and i would like it If........................ you guys gave me some characters for It.
What You Need:

this is generally a good thing to have when you want to have a character cameo'd.
Characters that are Gijinkas
please have your characters be gijinkas of Pokemon. legendary, shiny, normal, i don't care. except if they're a fusion, for an arbitrary reason i don't want fusions. your time will come eventually.
if you do not have a gijinka, but you have a pokemon or human, you can give that character to me at risk of me Redesigning Them To Fit The Needs Of This Project. you will tell me that you agree to the terms, else i will not cameo your character.
Characters that are Gijinkas that have Visual References
i'm not good at drawing written descriptions quite yet. please make these references in color. otherwise, just shoot it at me. i need to be able to see the character clearly and i
:iconmm-d:mm-d 2 14
IJAG Chapter 6-2 by Lady-Kyndle IJAG Chapter 6-2 :iconlady-kyndle:Lady-Kyndle 45 45 Summer dream by Ellysiumn Summer dream :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 1,442 115 Bloodsuckers v2.0 by Darksilvania Bloodsuckers v2.0 :icondarksilvania:Darksilvania 1,127 44 medusozoa by yellowicous medusozoa :iconyellowicous:yellowicous 207 49 Magic surrounds us by Ellysiumn Magic surrounds us :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 1,711 129 Nuzlocke Story: Delta Emerald Happy 2nd Birthday by kagura-chan-otaku Nuzlocke Story: Delta Emerald Happy 2nd Birthday :iconkagura-chan-otaku:kagura-chan-otaku 7 6 HEY BRO! by MemekoAi HEY BRO! :iconmemekoai:MemekoAi 26 5 Ace Attorney - Prosecutors by kuro-mai Ace Attorney - Prosecutors :iconkuro-mai:kuro-mai 1,180 50
Fixing a Broken Heart: Kentin's Story Part 3
“So where are we going exactly?” (y/n) asked as Kentin drove them through the streets of their town. It was Saturday, and yesterday he told her that she should wear casual clothes to where they are going. She chose to wear a simple, long sleeve gray shirt that had the British flag on the front, a pair of jean shorts, some comfortable sneakers, and a simple, (f/c) headband rested in her hair.
“Somewhere fun!” Kentin answered, giving her a quick smile as he maneuvered through the streets.
“Fun? Uhhh, what exactly is your definition of ‘fun’?”
“Heh, you’ll see.”
(y/n) was a little worried about this, after all, this Kentin wasn’t at all like the Kentin she’d known all her life. But she decided to trust him and stared out the window as they drove by pedestrians and buildings. About ten minutes passed before Kentin finally pulled up into a parking lot.
“Ok! we’re here!” he announced, unbuckling h
:iconneo-chan7:neo-chan7 136 42
Tatsu by VSasha Tatsu :iconvsasha:VSasha 128 23 ExpressionSet: Tatsu by VSasha ExpressionSet: Tatsu :iconvsasha:VSasha 133 8 ExpressionSet: Tatsu by VSasha ExpressionSet: Tatsu :iconvsasha:VSasha 114 9


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hello there fellow deviant, and welcome to my page! :D Feel free to check my gallery and read my stories, or simply send a note or leave a comment on my page if you want to chat :) Don't be shy and afraid, I don't bite ;)

I love anything related to manga, anime and K-Pop! I speak English and French fluently. I'm not good in Literature but I love writing and no one can stop me! I'm very shy so I'm usually not the first one to speak (or comment) but I love making new friends! I'm a very good listener, so if you need to talk to someone about your problems, you can always come to me and I'll try my best to make you feel better :)

Here are some of the people on Deviantart that are really special to me and without them, my life would be quite boring: :iconaelitayumi16: :iconsierracat7807: :iconmusicanimegamer45: :iconlasermonki:


Just created a new blog on tumblr! I'm a little more active here! Check it out and feel free to send me some requests :) animeboyfriendscenarios.tumblr…



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