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Here is the original video [link]
Totally based on :icontrp-chan: Wheatley puppet, but i used complete different materials
ill post better gifts when i trully finish him \o/
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This is simply amazing! Hope you don't mind, but I referenced your work on my blog. It helped me a lot on my own project. Check it out: Thanks for being such a talented artist!
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This is INCREDIBLE!! Quick question: what did you use for the puppeting rig? Like what did you use to actually make him blink and move around? If you don't mind me asking! I'm planning on making one myself and I've been having a bit of trouble with that.
Again, utterly brilliant!
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Holy crap, how have I not seen this before?? You did an amazing job! =O
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omg! i really appreciate that! that means a lot coming from you!!! :glomp:!!!!! im really glad that you like it!
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Freaking amazing! How'd you do it?
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hi there! to make this one i used this amazing tutorial [link] to make mine :) but i used other materials, like a giant stryfoam ball, paper mache and 'spackle'...
here its some pics from the process: [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]
if you need anything, feel free to ask me :)!!!
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Oh my gosh that is EXTREMELY helpful! Thank you!
I was planning on doing it furin's way, but I kinda like the paper mache better, and well, it's a lot cheaper. Do you think polymer could work on him? Because I have loads, but I don't want him to look too shiny, just like, as realistic as possible.
But thanks so much. This is like uber amounts of helpful.
My best friend and I are going to a con as Wheatley and Ratman. I'm gunna make a Wheatley puppet and wear like fake glasses and sweater vest and what not. I'm going to give him a companion cube as his birthday present (:
But like, oh my god, thanks!
It looks so much fun having your own Wheatley :D
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probably yes! the polymer should work just fine :)!!! i used to make some details on the gun
and if it looks too shinny you can always use some opaque varnish :)!
oh! nice! i want to see lots of pics later :XD:!!!!!
still on my plans do a Space core an a big companion cube X) but i need tiiiimmmmee x___x LOL!
and im glad that i could help!!!! anything \o/ just ask! :)
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Lol I can't wait to see! Well thanks! :D
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so good!, it should be in a movie!
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Oh my fucking God, this is awesome.
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heuheu omg vlw :hug:!!!!!
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