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With the Sting
With the Sting
There is nothing to say
but something
is weighing on my mind like plutonium,
heavy metal named for the planet, once
upon a time.
Its radiation is toxic and cancer
in the bones may occur.
So much mineral matter means nothing
to the poison that lurks in the heft
of secrets.
Density becomes adjectival.
Bones become chalky and brittle and soft
like meal for fertilizer.
Flowers and tomatoes and food for dogs.
There is nothing to say
but something
is growing in my body like a malady.
It loiters behind my ribs and clavicles,
waiting for the chance to spread into
my heart, into my organs, slow and low.
It is revealed in the timbre of my voice,
in the tremble of my hand when I reach
for the touch of another.
Surreptitious intelligence beneath my skin,
it erupts into blemish and mars my flesh
like ultraviolet shafts of light.
It is death. It is her, the Beekeeper.
She has come to collect her narrative from my hold.
But the wisdom of the honey does not come before the sting.
With t
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Happy Alex by laurapalmer Happy Alex :iconlaurapalmer:laurapalmer 0 0 Sam by laurapalmer Sam :iconlaurapalmer:laurapalmer 2 1 Life is Hard by laurapalmer Life is Hard :iconlaurapalmer:laurapalmer 0 0
Mourning Dove
The Mourning Dove
She cries out on the wasted air
a lamentation.
The most hunted bird in North America,
she lays but two eggs,
only two.
If the clutch should grow,
it is another female’s
eggs invading her nest.
Adorned with gray feathers to
blend with the fog
she weaves her poorly crafted nest
with her man standing
on her back.
She takes flight and her wings
She soars at 55 miles per hour
then falls to avoid the forest raptor,
a hawk who wants her meat.
Elliptical wings are curious things.
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Le Petit Chaperon Rouge by anhdres Le Petit Chaperon Rouge :iconanhdres:anhdres 11 37
days spent in pain
for propagation
i am woman
blood is my nation
and you, boy,
are my creation.
incubating devils and saints
delivering with a scream
who could possibly imagine this hole
is the origin of so many dreams?
:iconseraphjordan:seraphjordan 3 5
crystalline hymns
hold the shattered cup and
make her sing
crystalline hymns
if she cuts
your finger
know it was not
on purpose
for once,
she could hold water.
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I walked outside just in time to see the world ending.
My spirit clawed past my teeth to have a look around,
but I sucked it back in with a clatter of ribcage.
The parking lot desaturated, turning ashen as
a field of cottony nothing obscured the sky.
A new mountain range to the west lit up with last light
as Old Mother pulled down the shade and the horizon went out.
Near me
tin cans and good intentions danced on an invisible roulette wheel
before spilling out into the street
where the nervous cars shoved.
I thought of the things I had forgotten to do:
Write a poem, do the laundry,
tell someone that I loved her.
Just another storm over Albuquerque.
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AMSTERDAM 3 by Alex-Scaparro AMSTERDAM 3 :iconalex-scaparro:Alex-Scaparro 24 20
Here is a man
Here is a man who could not cross the ocean.
He is not a mystic, though he knows all the tricks:
the smoke and the mirrors, the slight movement of the hands
         that turns wood into cold steel.
He isn't love or hate, just petty bitterness and selfish infatuation.
He says he loves the mysteries, but he's chained his mystery to dogma.
He is plastic jesuses and postcard reproductions.
He has healing hands that are too heavy to touch anyone.
He wants witnesses, not lovers:
little girls to lose forever in his tangled hair.
He has prayers for all of you;
he will whisper them into your ear if you lean close enough.
He will take everything you love.
He is the tragic, blind demiurge.
He is nicotine patches and decaf coffee.
He is the absence of fear.
He hasn't spoken for weeks,
but you can hear his shallow breathing just a few steps behind you:
he's closing in.
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Mmmmotion by squill Mmmmotion :iconsquill:squill 4 20
Ever wonder where the phrase "don't treat me like a piece of meat" came from?
To me, I simply saw it as a way to describe the minimization of a human to their physical body and nothing else. Minimized from their personality, emotion, soul…to their "meat". I eat meat. I love animals. I am a feminist. But I found these thoughts interesting from feminist writer Carol J. Adams, whom I learned of in a gender class in college. This is to be thought provoking, incite discussion and nothing else.
(and if you tell me that when I wear a bikini I'm "asking for this" :fork: you just don't get it – that thinking is similar to the Taliban's justification for covering their women to "protect the men" from natural urges they weren't asked to be forced to control :rage: )
the image is to demonstrate that when you take the woman, only see the meat, the "rest" of her dies……
Carol Adams:
Some feminists argue that the treatment of animals as objects is parallel to and associated with pat
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POP by kittynn POP :iconkittynn:kittynn 483 281
Mature content
I Want the Poetry Back :icondreampunk:Dreampunk 1 3


What a day. The rain is coming down. It's 40 degrees F. Yet is beautiful and full of possibilities. It's good to be alive. It's good to create. I think I'll get on it.


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I am a photographer, story-teller, writer, wanderer, and lover of all things curious.


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