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Another one I made quite in a hurry.
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Amazing work, I like the feel, and the idea. Here's some notes on somehow improving it, from my opinion:
-Less use of dark green. Try out more bright green.
-More content in the middle. I think it feels a bit empty in the middle, you can add birds, more mountains, or more bright sun.
-A bit more details on the character. The character is notable but somehow not looks unfinished, give the shoulder more shading for example.

Other than that, amazing work, I love the idea and the feeling it gives, it's almost alive. Keep up the good work, well done.
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
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This one looks so calm.
It makes me feel so free and independent from everything when I look at it.
And the colors - the colors!
You chose the right ones and they fit so well together!
I bet this took you some time, it really doesn't look easy.
I just love the way you drew the bright shine.
It's so magical and no one can say what's behind there - it'll always be a mystery and I love this kind of pictures.

Unfortunately I don't see much of those.
But when I keep this all a little shorter what I said - you are very talented and made a wonderful job here!
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i like the 'solitary' for this one. good job!
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wow :) :) nice one :) :) great job :) i like it :)
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The darker green tones give a lovely frame to your drawing.The foggy landscape in the middle is interesting but nervertheless the scenery seems unfinished to me.
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This is so calming and beautiful. The colors fit together so well and the piece is just lovely to look at. If you don't mind me asking, how long did this take? 
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As alot of others have said, it does give off this calm feeling. I love this piece.
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This looks so calm and serene, great work
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This is sooo nice! Depending on the mood, you can see sadness, calmness, freedom for the soul=) Very well done
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Very good painting, it looks a bit sad and calm at the same time. Very well-done my friend! keep it up!
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The more distant tree's kinda look half assed, but it's a very good picture all in all. :)
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It has a very surreal feel to it.  Nice work.
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it looks so calm and yet you made it in a hurry, an artwork I can just stare at and think :) I love the rough lines
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Lovely painting !
I found it very relaxing :love:
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She looks very tranquil. Lovely work.
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This is very calm and peaceful. Definitely a place to visit if it was real. I especially like the shading on the rocks.
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It's wonderful, and it looks so calming. :aww:
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beautiful work!! :D
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