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You'd think after drawing all those Chrono Trigger packing slips I'd be sick of these characters but nope! I'm not.

There's more where this came from.
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jajaja I'm dying of laughter!!avatar gif  I always imagine something like this in the end, and finally someone express it very HILARIOUS!! love Magus face Hatsune Miku-04 (Laughs) awesome work!
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"sigh" such memories
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Hugs...killing anti heroes since 1995
BadSeeded's avatar
Lucca is SOOOOOOOoooooooo adorkable
DarkZero2109's avatar
This would have been an awesome ending...
Cainmak's avatar
The words on the bottom made me laugh xD
godzilla-poptart's avatar
*sigh* If only this really did happen.
Rufus2k2's avatar
Luminaire...of FRIENDSHIP!! Great work, love Lucca crying over Robo the best think.:)
dinshino's avatar
What, it's been WAY too long since I played Chrono Trigger. Why is he dieing?
lauramw's avatar
His cold black heart is melting.
fourstarz's avatar
LOL, magus is dying from love.
great job ^^
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Even Frog is hugging him! Now that's love. haha
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Poor Magus. Lol. I laughed really hard because of this, thank you very much for that. :D
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This is beyond awesome! Thanks for making me laugh :) Love how you did Ayla!!!
velvetillusions's avatar
hahahaha, I love this! Please make more!! :D
BomKosh's avatar
LOL, Poor Magus. They're all hugging him to death.
E-706Sigma's avatar
This is win. Seriously XD
GIRICHOKO's avatar
I couldn't stop looking at this! It made my day!
CantareinCminor's avatar
HAHAHA this is so classic. Thank you. Wish this had happened in one of the endings.
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... the power of love. This is how you kill Magus in the New game+

Instant fav.
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