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The Lurking Nightmare
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Back in the 10th century of the modern Alurian calendar, eager Alurians equipped with brand new Blackwind Everters stepped out from the comfort of their solar system and warmed themselves in the light of foreign stars. Feverishly they explored, mapping routes to dozens of systems and establishing positive relationships with beings they encountered in just a handful of years. Trade routes were established, resources from new outposts came pouring in, and soon that small group of explorers exploded into an army of entrepreneurs and government officials and interpreters and even tourists. And still there remained thousands of candidate stars that had yet to be unvisited.

The Skybearers were built, the Path network was founded, and alien species eagerly bought up licenses to the Blackwind Everter technology that had made it all possible.

It was at the height of their confidence that the Alurian species was struck by arguably the single largest disaster they would ever experience. An alien virus swept through the population with sudden brutality. Alurians realized in hindsight that in their excitement, their quarantine and decontamination procedures had been left in a wholly inadequate state. All it had taken was for a handful of Alurians to contract and carry home the incubating virus of unknown origins, which soon consumed the unsuspecting population with the ferocity of a wildfire.

The long incubation period of 40-50 days allowed the virus to easily establish itself in large population centers, even before the symptoms had begun to appear among the first victims. It was highly contagious, and effectively debilitated the infected once it took hold. Sufferers were afflicted with sores and rashes, weakness, disorientation, and failing immune systems. Many cases escalated into respiratory distress and heart failure.

Hundreds died in the first few weeks.
Then, it was thousands.

And then, horrifyingly, it was millions.

The number of the dead kept climbing, and it seemed as if everyone was infected. Medical facilities were immediately overwhelmed, and soon enough the staff were unable to even take care of themselves, much less the thousands of desperate Alurians lining the streets outside their doors. All anyone could do was hold on and hope the storm passed them by.

To give a sense of scale to the disastrous efficacy of the virus, by the end of its initial assault - a nightmare that played out over the course of nearly a year - approximately 800 million Alurians (or 24% of the estimated global population) lay dead. No family was left whole in its wake, and entire cities had been rendered vacant shells.

From that point onward, the virus hid itself away in the bodies of the survivors, lying dormant.

They named it the Lurking Virus ("Hetivirus"), and to this day, over 300 years later, it remains the single greatest threat to the Alurian species.

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Thank you, and I hope you enjoy!

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all aboard the feels train

Kitteneyes by Bluehasia  
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Wow, this piece and the short story included is downright heartbreaking. This is amazing work, for sure. I've also taken a look at the rest of your gallery and your Trinity project, and calling it impressive wouldn't even begin to accurately describe it. And as someone who's building their own fictional universe, I can honestly say that your work really is inspirational to me.
Really, great job and I can't wait to see more in the future. 
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