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[MMD] Rin Kagamine Adult Bunny (+DL MODEL)

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By Lauraimon   |   
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© 2020 Lauraimon
Butt has physics! Thanks for the creator of this base, I love her and her face. I think she is soo cute and I didn't be capable to put her clothes so.. I did my version of Bunny girl. Hope you like guys!


Very soon on my channel!

The rules are for respect them. Please, don't break the rules, or I will down the download.

- Credit me, TDA and C3RB3RUS2 if you use this model.
- Don't R-18, respect TDA rules please! Don't gore or violence, etc
- Edit is allowed but don't redistribute the edit.
- You can't take parts.
- Don't redistribute this model.


TDA, FreakasourisC3RB3RUS2LINUXDX, YamiSweet
Wallpaper background


Don't forget credit me and C3RB3RUS2

Thanks for follow the rules for people that follow them. I see you if you not follow but I hope you prefer credit than not ^^ 
Don't forget comment!

If you want see the neko version of a friend, let's see her!…
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Hello, I used your edit Tda Rin model in video!

Very thank you for very beautiful and allow edit model!:D

tetsurokun's avatar

Where did you get that base?

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TDA ADULT KAGAMINE RIN [BASE V2] : Download by C3RB3RUS2 Here is the link of base uwu
tetsurokun's avatar

Thank you!

Onlyhi's avatar

Thank u for this beautiful work !!!!!!

Love :deviantart: :hug: :heart:

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Wow! I can't wait to watch it! Thank you so much for using Heart 
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Thanks to you uwu
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NekoAkashi-KunStudent Digital Artist
I believe this base is R18, so your model is technically R18 so you break Tda rules :') 
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Idk why people confuses r18 with this. This is not nudity, is like R16, and I downloaded the base and doesn't permitt R-18. Is real, I just add some things to model lol
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NekoAkashi-KunStudent Digital Artist
R16 still not allowed by Tda. even if you do not allow R18, peoples don't care about editors rules these days. 
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coma666blackHobbyist Filmographer
Nice model 💖 BTW I'm Linuxdx....
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Thanks for make this base! And sorry about youtube, I saw the comment before edit and I was worried about If you though I steal your model :( I was afraid, I'm really sorry
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Mr-X15Hobbyist Digital Artist

so it has a r18 base but you cant do r18 with it... mhmmmm

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I didn't do R-18, 'cause it doesn't contain nudity or violence sexual.
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gusolsanProfessional General Artist
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Thank you!
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Awesome work! Thanks!
Lauraimon's avatar
Thanks to you for your comment uwu
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