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Tutorial - Brush Dynamics in Gimp 2.8

Here is a quick guide to how I use Brush Dynamics in Gimp 2.8. >>This is assuming that you have a drawing tablet that is already configured with Gimp, The Google is the best sage if Gimp is giving you tablet woes. I am neither a tablet manufacturer, nor a Gimp developer, so if your tablet is not working at all in Gimp, sorry, but I'm not the one to turn to.<< I've been getting questions about what brushes I use. I mainly use a plain circle brush for everything and just switch the dynamic. Square/rectangle brushes make pretty painterly backgrounds, though.

I've been through different phases of what brushes I use or what dynamic settings I like. My preferences will probably change again in a few months :XD:. No brush system is going to work for everyone, you just have to play around with the settings until you find what works for you, but maybe this tutorial can be a starting point if you don't know where to begin.

Other tutorials:… (There are a total of three at the moment... :B )
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after so many years I come back to revisit it - not a bad sign.

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Did your square-shaped brush come with GIMP or did you make one yourself?

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I made it. I have it in a brush pack on Etsy here if you're interested:… but it would be pretty easy to make.
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Thx, btw could you actually tell me how to actually make one, bc I'm poor AF ;-;

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Thank you, you're an angel <3

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This is such a lifesaver! THanks so much!
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Great tut! :D I really found it useful.
(Just a note, the download button didn't work for, dunno why.)

Still, thanx for this. :D
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I really tried to make 0 pencil but i think its not working, or i dont see the difference. Its like Dynamic off for me. Do you use some presure on your tablet to make looks lines like that? They look the same when i try to draw.
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This is a great advice for beginner's and thank you for the value-able post and given instruction.....
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This is great! Thanks for posting. Really helpful.
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Super helpful! Thank you
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Thank you so much for this useful tutorial!
I shared it to my bestie btw cuz she needs it

It also can be useful for me!
Again, thank you so much!
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Another question, do you have "Smooth stroke" option on?
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No, I don't. I usually make a swift line and use undo if it doesn't come out right. Sometimes it takes a couple tries to get the stroke I want, but drawing it quickly helps make it smooth.
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Maybe that's the reason my lines come out so weirdly sometimes. I'll try drawing without "Smooth stroke" then
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Hey, often when I draw my brush pressure gets weird, like it goes from smooth into way bigger and it drives me crazy. I use 0 Pencil, but I have such problems with every dynamic. Do you have problems like this?
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Sometimes other programs mess with Gimp, or the computer is using max CPU, and it results in Gimp wigging out. Whatever tool you're using will sort of flicker and the brush goes nuts (does that sound like your problem?). When that happens to me, I click on another window (non-Gimp) and then back to Gimp and that fixes it. I don't know if that's your case or if it's something else, but try to take note of when it happens, which other programs are running at the time, and how much CPU/memory programs are using.
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I don't think that's the problem, but I'll see if it is next time
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What's a good canvas size for drawings? I just like drawing characters and stuff
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My standard is 2333x3500 pixels, though I sometimes go bigger if I want to be extra detailed. It's always good to draw bigger than what you want the final image size to be.
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