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The Silver Eye - Joshua

Here is a weekly pose study that harkens back to what is my favorite scene from The Silver Eye so far! For the start of the scene, you can See Here, and See Here for my favorite page in the sequence.

That assassination scene was my first fight/battle. I had to make a lil diorama to help me act out the action sequence. Every time I see those pages I get excited! And Joshua. He is so boss in that scene. (Until Axe Man shows up, then Axe Man is boss) But I like how you can see the way people use The Silver Eye in a fight. Since it cuts through anything, you can shatter your opponent's sword to disarm them. Quite useful.

I tried out a new technique for it and I really like the result! It is easier to have dots than to try and smooth everything out, plus it looks cool.
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You have a particular mastery of color that's just beautiful.
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Oh gosh, I love the fluidity of this picture. I really love the colors you used, too :heart:
may12324's avatar
this looks great! i love the texture and the colours you've used :D
you have a very nice art style also
LauraHollingsworth's avatar
Thank you very much! This was a really fun style to work with. :)
Tea-maker's avatar
wow! I love the colouring style :D
LauraHollingsworth's avatar
Thanks! I want to do more like this sometime. :)
homeqrown's avatar
This looks incredible!
LauraHollingsworth's avatar
Thank you very much! :D
homeqrown's avatar
You're welcome!
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this makes me exceedingly happy
illustrationrookie's avatar
This looks super kick ass. Love it!
moonylady's avatar
Must say I'm starting the silver eye to see more of this pretty guy, oh well :iconhurrhurrplz:
you just caught the action of the reference and that fighting feeling so well, also did i mentioned Joshua is damm hot? oh well ;^;
LauraHollingsworth's avatar
Yay! :la:
He is indeed very pretty.
fantasyfreag's avatar

Boa. Looks like a beautiful mosaic...

Sherlock Holmes I don'tknow how you du that but it's soooo fantastic!!!Clap 

LauraHollingsworth's avatar
Thanks! I will have to try this technique again. :D
fantasyfreag's avatar
whatever...I you're art is sooo beautiful!!!:) (Smile) 
daughterofAthena1999's avatar
Do we ever find out how Joshua dies?
LauraHollingsworth's avatar
Yes, and it is extremely important to the plot, but I can't reveal all my secrets at once. :meow:
shizzster's avatar
just a question.

the first time apen thinks about the whole bhatair being beheaded, joshua only hurt his leg and went off somewhere.
BUT the next time we are shown this scene, joshua dies!!!!(or does he)
explain plz!
did joshua just die of his leg injury later? or was it a mistake?
LauraHollingsworth's avatar
Joshua's leg gets hurt and he rides off somewhere, that is correct. Joshua dies a few weeks afterwards, not from his leg wound, though his death is related to the beheading.
shizzster's avatar
Thanks! But then what happens at the end of ruins(? Or was it another chapter) when axe guy hits his axe on Joshua's head? 
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