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The Silver Eye - Delaney Character Sheet

Here's a reference sheet for Delaney from my webcomic, The Silver Eye! :iconthe-silver-eye:

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Normally I'd have a little Personality section but I left that out because spoilers and such. After she's had an official introduction in-comic I will come back to this and add that in. Hoping to do Berlyne's character sheet next, if I can find the time. I feel a little bad that Delaney's the first gal to get a full reference sheet, but she hasn't been in the story much yet. I don't take credit for the little dress designs, that are heavily based on others, but I did design the main one and it is dang pretty. :meow: Which eye patch is your fav?

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EllethOfMossflower's avatar
Whoa, her leg is missing? Poor girl. :(

I can't wait until she finally makes a proper appearance!
Xykon-7549's avatar
Green eyed redhead huh? Cute. The purple patch looks best in my opinion. Also, good work with the expressions.
sweetellepea's avatar
Wow, she is gorgeous!
LydiaHopeDaulton's avatar
I spy a daddy's girl. Good gracious I didn't know her leg was gone too D: poor Delaney...
The third patch is my favorite.
itispaprika's avatar
Can't wait to learn more about Delaney. She has quite a style. And why does she cover her eye patch if ALL OF THEM LOOK AWESOME!! Now I really want an eye patch. And a long flowing dress. And a cane. We don't know much about personality but she sure makes up for it in awesome looks.
BB-CBS-Fan's avatar
These character sheets are going great!:dummy::D
LauraHollingsworth's avatar
Thank you very much!
BB-CBS-Fan's avatar
As always,you're very welcome!:hug:
Athenixs's avatar
I like how Delaney matches her eye patch to her outfits the same way Velvare does with his masks.
dareme's avatar
Love her deisgn! And with all the scars, she seems to have an amazing backstory.
Meltintalle's avatar
Ditto the Hollingsworths + bling comments. When life gives you lemons, make them fancy!

My opinion on the eye patches is colored by the outfits they're paired with... but I like the gold one followed by blue one. 
OpalescentSky's avatar
"Plain" is clearly not a part of the Hollingsworths' vocabulary. Everything must be fancy and dramatic.  And porcelain legs are so beautiful! 
I love her expressions! The top middle expression is my favourite, I feel like it's the sort of face she'll make when she realises how silly her little bro is.
Speaking of favourites, I love all her eyepatches, but the gold is my fav. Why does she cover them up with her hair? I mean, she looks cool like that, but then no one can see her fantastic eyepatches!
Her dress is fab, too, as is usual with your dress designs :D
skygazer17's avatar
my fave has to be the gold eyepatch!
LadyPep's avatar
I really love Delaney's design--now you've got me even more interested about her backstory (namely, how she got those scars)! I like the main dress because of the fancy flower patterns, although, I also like the blue dress with the gold eyepatch too; it gives Delaney a regal, stately look. Can't wait to learn more about her when she's introduced!
Aceofstars16's avatar
EEEEE!!!! She looks so awesome! I might be partial because blue is my favorite color but I love the blue dress with the blue eye patch and the blue dress with the gold eye patch! I also love that she has fancy eye patches, oh those Hollingsworths and their fancy face accessories... (Now I'm going to have a thing for masks and eyepatches....xD) Some of her expressions remind me of Enel and some remind me of Bay and it makes me happy xD
Ah man, nothing about her personality, I guess I'll just have to roll with it for my contest entry then xD *flops*
surfersquid's avatar
Ooh, she looks like a very interesting character. I can't wait to learn more about her!
Magianna's avatar
Oo, cool design, love it! I definitely must check your webcomic ^^
LauraHollingsworth's avatar
Thank you! Hope you like it! :D
Saracia's avatar
Love, the dress and eyepatch designs.  Can't wait to learn more about her.  And also... Berlyne!  She's my favorite female character in the Silver Eye.  I look forward to seeing her character sheet.
LauraHollingsworth's avatar

Yay, Berlyne's my favorite female character, too! I have been working away at her character sheet lately, it will be done soon! :D
DropYourSword's avatar
I love how she and her father are so particular about their facewear gear. I like the gold one. Will we get to see her leg?
LauraHollingsworth's avatar
Yeah, whenever she walks up or down stairs we'll see her leg, since she has to lift her skirts a bit to keep from tripping on them. I do have one funny scene in mind where she shows it to Enel, but I'm not sure if that'll make the final cut in the comic.
DropYourSword's avatar
Really cool! I love characters who have some disability but still work through it so it's wonderful that you've got a such a great person like that in your story.

Ooh, that scene would be fantastic! Course if it doesn't fit it doesn't fit but however you take it, that would be really cool as a sibling relationship moment.
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