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The Silver Eye - Characters Height Chart

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A height comparison chart from shortest to tallest was requested and, Viola! Here it is.

It's hard to prevent people from looking like the same height—like they've just been scaled larger or smaller—instead of having them actually look tall or short. I've observed that short people look like their heads are a little too big for their bodies and tall people look like their heads are too small for their bodies, but tall people actually have skulls quite larger than short people. I didn't fix all the proportion problems here due to time, but it's an area that I'll continue to try and improve in.

As for the characters, I don't know what Enel is wearing, I don't know what to do with that guy... I love Apen's expression of "Why is everyone on that side?" the poor fellow. My favorite guy costume is Joshua's, it fits his personality and culture quite well. My favorite lady costume is Blue's, she looks very powerful and elegant, as is fitting.

Which are your favorites? Who has the best fashion taste? (Or the worst? --> It is Enel.)
Characters are from my webcomic, The Silver Eye, which can be read Here.
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SherlockEstebanAriel's avatar
SherlockEstebanArielHobbyist General Artist
twf when you look and dress exactly like Enel in most comics (plus glasses lol)
Freeda-WickWild's avatar
Freeda-WickWildHobbyist Digital Artist
Psssshhh, What is Velvs going on in that one scene, Apen isn't that much shorter than Joshua 
daffodil101's avatar
daffodil101Hobbyist General Artist
I just noticed Gudrun is standing on her toes XD
Caninelion's avatar
My favorite is totally Aetius second favorite might be Noah. Best fashion sense might be Melete, worst Enel. I would probably dress like joe if i was a character.
LedZeppelinGirl's avatar
LedZeppelinGirlHobbyist General Artist
Fave character is Velvare, and Melete totally has the best fashion sense.
TwilightSparklefairy's avatar
MERCY Enel is tall! Wow.
Lizzu-Chan's avatar
Lizzu-ChanHobbyist General Artist
I'm shorter than Apen ;__;
HoshiBlue21's avatar
HoshiBlue21Student General Artist
Greatt all this characters are unique and really love your style
Ejestrand's avatar
Velvare are my fav ;P He just looks classy :P
skygazer17's avatar
I love Berlyne's and Velvare's! I had been meaning to read your webcomic and just caught up with the whole thing. It is great!
o0MSK0o's avatar
o0MSK0oProfessional Interface Designer
 I feel so short now (5foot 7)
how old is enel?
im 13 so i haz an excuse for being short
Awesome175's avatar
Sorry but I am 12 and I am 5foot 3 so you should be grateful
kidborat's avatar
kidboratHobbyist General Artist
*Ahem* 5'2

... nearly 18.
Awesome175's avatar
Well that changes my point of view
Freeda-WickWild's avatar
Freeda-WickWildHobbyist Digital Artist

I'm 20
TheTempestintheStorm's avatar
TheTempestintheStormStudent General Artist
Holy schist Blue is almost seven feet tall.
MooyongRocks's avatar
Love Gudrun and Blue the most :)
Shhburd's avatar
ShhburdHobbyist Artist
THEY'RE ALL MY FAVORITES! I like Velvare's fashion tastes best (huehue fancy schmancy Giggle ).

Enel is so tall, I have to keep reminding myself he's still a youngin' at only 14, haha!
LaLunatique's avatar
LaLunatiqueHobbyist General Artist
This looks wonderful!
LauraHollingsworth's avatar
LauraHollingsworthProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you!
Autumnfrore's avatar
AutumnfroreStudent Writer
Love the height chart!and all their poses hehe. I love Marcus's almost "trying-to-look-cool-and-dramatic" look. all the charcters have their special look!
Sabby-Phantomhive's avatar
They're all taller than me :'( But awesome drawing. I shall read the webcomic.
LauraHollingsworth's avatar
LauraHollingsworthProfessional Digital Artist
Aw, I am sorry. :P
I hope you enjoy the comic! :)
OpalescentSky's avatar
OpalescentSkyHobbyist General Artist
The Shephards obviously didn't inherit Melete's tallness genes, did they? [Spoilers] It's no wonder Enel is so tall, considering who his parents are. [/spoilers] I wonder how tall Gudrun is without her high-heels. I love pretty much all the characters, and your designs for them are great. Apen is my favourite, though, and Avidan might be my favourite minor character. I think Velvare and Blue have the best fashion sense, though it's kind of hard to choose.
Are you ever going to add more characters to the chart?
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