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Lunar Chronicles - Wolf

Eh, In the future I'll try drawing him a bit younger. I am bad at ages. :dummy: Nevertheless, I really like this one. He looks like he's from some violent video game which is pretty appropriate.
His scars are the same as Velvare's scars, I couldn't help myself!

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Ra1nb0wAuraAur0ra's avatar
Out of all the male characters, Wolf is the hottest.
rialovesfanfic's avatar
I was looking througt these again, and I still love this one so much. He's my favorite character and you do him right out of my mind!!
Alie-Chan's avatar
Omg, he's so perfect ! I've seen a lot of fan art but yours is my fav' Heart 
ZaromiMTS's avatar
He is still struggling with can openers...
Stella-Draws's avatar
Omg, you did it! I love this one... =D
thenumberTWOfangirl's avatar
Wolf is such a bad ass.GUMI icon - embarrassed / blush 
Sea-Solo's avatar
This is AMAZING! Love it! :D
DixieCarnley's avatar
This is actually how I pictured him! You did a good job.  I think this one might be my favorite.
CaeliaIceEyes's avatar
Don't kid yourself. He is the oldest of the main crew of protagonists, in his twenties, not his teens.
EverfterFan's avatar
I think that it looks perfect. He should look older, considering all he has been through.
LuvHades5's avatar
Aaahhhhh!!! This is soooo perfect! I am in love with wolf (even though I don't have red hair):-)
IseeButterfly's avatar
Oh my god, this is perfect *swoons*
xAshtailx's avatar
WOLLLLLFFFFF BAEEEEEEE! <33 Omg it's so wonderfully awesome! His age is perfect in this picture, in my mind you got him perfectly. Oh gosh... ;u; Im really happy now..
Naterade2001's avatar
-swoons immensely- You are now my favorite artist :D This is totally how I imagined him! I think the age is right on!
I always though Wolf had lighter hair, but his eyes are awesome
PheonixTu's avatar
Your art is awesome! But I pictured Wolf with a more broader jawline :)
Brittjuhh's avatar
I love your Lunar Chronicles portraits. I'm currently reading Scarlet and this series is so good!
btw, did you know that is using these at the character descriptions:…
LunarChroniclesLover's avatar
Hey I'm kinda new here, I was wondering if you could tell me what app you used to make stuff like this. That would be really awesome! :D You're drawings are absolutely amazing by the way. I LOVE the Lunar Chronicles!
LauraHollingsworth's avatar
Thanks! I draw most everything in  Gimp.

Same! great job btw

racjona's avatar
love this guy Love those eyes, those messy hair I think I've fainted.
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